YSR – 9

Betting on my lack of fighting abilities was actually a wise decision.

Lillian, who had Chae Soo-Yeon’s soul in it, was an outsider who did not know a lick of swordsmanship.

Soon the two men who drove them into a corner shouted.

“We’re exercising our rightful rights to her! If you interrupt us, even your knighthood won’t shield you!”

“Get away from her right now!”

Thank you for giving me a choice!

It goes without saying, Lillian decided to abandon the girl and leave her post.

She lifted her arms and shook her head to indicate that she had no intention of fighting.

“Okay, okay. All right. I got it. Let’s back off.”

But Chae’s incredibly lousy luck caught her ankle again.

It wasn’t a metaphor; Lillian was really dragging her.

“Don’t do that, Knight. Please help!!”

The girl on her knees wept as she wrapped herself around Lillian’s leg.

Lillian, who was staring at the unidentified men in front of them, could not find a helping hand.

Naturally, with the girl wrapped around her feet, she fell forward ….


All at once, Lillian faked her fall and hit the first man with all her might. He was struck by her skull, which was harder than expected, and his front teeth fell out.

As he fell, sprinkling blood spit from his mouth, grotesquely. The second man shouted.

“Coward! You’re attacking under the pretense of surrender!!”

Lillian just decided to forego excuses.

Fortunately, although she did not remember the swordsmanship, her body was exceptionally well-trained, and her mind retained the training she received in Korea.

In Korea, she was like a female boxer who has been boxing for more than ten years.

Lillian evaded the fists of the second man with ease.

In return, she stuck him on the chin with her elbow.

Kaaack- With a heavy sound of impact, the man collapsed.

Lillian looked back at the knocked out stranger.

I didn’t know that professional wrestling, which brother forced me to watch, would be so helpful.

She was about to be impressed with herself and her unexpected fighting poweress when—

“Knight, behind you-!!” cried the startled girl, pointing behind Lillian.

Startled, Lillian quickly turned around, but it was already late.

The first man, bloodily and with two fewer teeth, swung his fist at her.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid it this time.

Lillian’s eyes flashed when she was hit by her temple.

The world was spinning, and she was lying on the ground.

I tried to get up quickly, but my body didn’t listen.

Her eyes were spinning, and her arms and legs trembled, and Lillian fell back to the ground. It seems that the aftereffects of having starved for the whole day hit her now.

When the girl saw Lillian, who couldn’t get up, she jumped up and ran off. She seemed to have decided that there was no more hope for her.

When Lillian saw the girl’s actions, she thought to herself. ‘I envy you.’

She also had to live selfishly to survive.

She glared with jealous eyes at the back of the girl disappearing before her eyes.

Lillian was selfish enough, but bad luck was too hard to overcome with just one narcissistic mind.

“Banducey-Duggy-dugger-go, you dragon-lun!”

The pronunciation of a man with missing front teeth was ridiculous.

However, the anger in his eyes was very serious.

There would be no implants here in this world, so who wouldn’t be angry at the thought of having to live without their front teeth for the rest of their life?

The irate man raised his leg, ready to stomp and kick Lillian.

Lillian closed her eyes and prepared for the upcoming pain.

However, the next moment, the man’s big body slowly crumbled down, with an unexpectedly loud “Ugh!!” blow.

..No pain?

Startled, Lillian opened her eyes wide and raised her head.

The face of the man standing behind the fallen man could not be seen.

‘It’s dazzling.’


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    1. Agree, I wanted to run away as well haha. It was hilarious and sour how the girl left without caring two seconds about Lillian. The humour is like a golden lime and I’m here for it! >u<

  1. I mean, she knew how to fight because she trained and also that her body was strong and even so she thought about abandoning the girl? What a disgusting girl!

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