YSR – 8

‘Meh, why make it about him? If you remain in the Order of the Knights, you will become an escort of the female lead, and your neck will be cut off, and if you leave the Order of the Knights, you will die of starvation while sucking your fingers!’ 

It was a real beggar’s life. 

With a sigh, Lillian flopped down the stairs near the flower bed in the square. 

I felt a little dizzy because I hadn’t eaten for a day. 

The savory smell from a nearby bakery seemed to pierce my side. ‘In the meantime, I’m hungry.’ Lillian grabbed her hungry belly and smiled dejectedly. 

She was in a situation where she might be caught and kicked out of the knights by tomorrow. 

If you’re unlucky, you could be burned side by side with a bunch of witches. Then you’ll meet your fate the goal without having to see the gorgeous face of the heroine Aleyna. 

‘Whatever I choose, I’m done. It’s over!’ 

But even in this difficult situation, this body left me dumbfounded. 

I should have had the lamb steak. Meat is innocent. 

Lillian bowed her head to endure her dizziness. 

Then, someone popped out of the alley and suddenly ran into her arms. 

No, it wasn’t a hug; it was actually a bump. 


Someone bounced off Lilian’s body and fell to the floor. It was a young girl who looked like her late teens. Lillian, seeing her, thought to herself: 

Isn’t this one of the most common clichés in fantasy fiction, the pickpocket event?

“Catch that bitch!”

“She went over there! Don’t lose her!”

Of course not. From the inside of the alley where the girl emerged, two men even ran out. Their harsh gaze was focused on the girl in front of her. 

The moment she saw this, Lillian was overwhelmed with an ominous foreboding.

‘Damn it. It was an event to save the good girl, right?’

Anyway, fantasy novels are all obvious. I’m afraid it’s all mass-produced.

Lillian quickly backed away, feeling irritated. Getting caught up in this kind of thing was puke-worthy. 

I didn’t know why this girl was being chased by men for; it was none of my business. 

Don’t ask. The soul of Soo-Yeon came from a place where crime was rampant, believed in being a thoroughly selfish spirit. 

But unfortunately, the girl was not willing to let Lillian go. The girl’s eyes glistened suddenly as she looked at Lillian’s shoulder that had a snail-like figure. 

“You’re a knight, aren’t you? Those people are after me and will drag me away!”

The girl hurriedly hugged Lillian’s waist and hung on. 

At times like this, I had to deal with it calmly. 

Lillian, who kindly smiled as if it had been painted, brazenly attempted to extract herself from this situation.

“No, I’m just a passerby. I’m sorry.” 

“Lies! You have a family crest on your shoulders! It’s only for knights!” 

Damn it. It didn’t work. 

I had to pick up the most obvious of a knight’s training uniform of all times. 

The snail-like figure was probably the pattern of the Rosetti family. How can you be so unlucky without any luck? 

I was just amazed at myself. Properly held by the ankle by the girl, Lillian frowned. 

In the meantime, two unidentified men came around the corner and eyed them. 

Their eyes touched Lillian’s shoulder. Then they whispered to each other and glancing this way. 

‘You’re just wondering if you dare to challenge the knight or not.’

I hope you’ll just go on your way, Lillian thought as she annoyingly pushed the girl that kept clinging to her. 

The shoulder family crest of a knight’s uniform seems to be a status thing in this world. 

The original narrative was all focused on Aleyna, so I didn’t know this was the case.

That’s the limit of the text. Unfortunately, the unidentified men’s conclusions did not seem to be going in a very good direction. 

The men with their fists clenched narrowed the distance between us. 

Lillian’s not wearing a sword right now. They must have noticed and thought me easy pickings.

4 thoughts on “YSR – 8

  1. I understand she’s not “happy” right now and she can’t really help the girl as she’s not really a knight but my gosh she has got to become a somewhat nicer person. She’s mean to like everyone.

  2. Tbh I don’t mind her personality, she seems like a real modern person that became acid because thinks the world sucks all the way. I get it. I want to see what she’s gonna do in the future and how she reacts to important things. 🌚

  3. I really like this girl. I mean, I understand her. She did her best in her previous life but she still suffered. Now that she transmigrated, she is still suffering. Why can’t things go on her way for once? Just for once?

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