YSR – 76

Enrique, who spoke in a light cheerful tone, stood up from his seat. He would have to return to his office later and review the documents again, but it was okay. He could move his body for a moment to remove the shadows on Lillian’s face.

Lillian smiled happily, turned around and took the lead. Enrique thought that her profile revealed through her black hair looked sad but it was gone after he blinked. It was probably his own illusion. Lillian’s face, looking back at him now, was smiling softly like a flower.


“*Gasp*, *gasp*, Lillian……!!”

His hot breath poured over her body. Enrique’s red eyes stared straight at Lillian. It was ecstatic to his well-built muscular body soaked in sweat and radiating heat

The way he exhaled was rapturous. Panting, out of breath, he shook his arm toward Lillian. As if to signal to stop now.

“That’s it for today’s fight, Enrique-nim?”

He nodded to Lillian’s question. He was breathing so hard that he couldn’t even speak properly. Enrique casually threw the training sword and collapsed on the floor. Then he lay down on the ground.

It was not like Enrique, which was always composed, so one could imagine how winded he was. Lillian smiled and put down the sword in her hand. Then she approached and squatted down next to Enrique.

“Are you okay? May I bring you some water?”

Enrique looked ineffable to her question. It roughly seemed to mean, ‘Is that what you have to say now?’ Seeing this, Lillian blinked and laughed.

“Right, what did I say? I told you that you would be surprised.”

This wasn’t just a surprise. Enrique was genuinely perplexed, wondering if he was dreaming now or not. Of course, Lillian’s skills had been improving day by day before. However it was at least at a level where it made sense.

But the Lillian he witnessed today…… he couldn’t explain it in words. Her swordsmanship was surprisingly strong, elegant, fluid and sharp all at the same time. A sense of thrill shook him again and again as they clashed swords during the short time. No matter how much she had regained her memories, he could only explain that a miracle had occurred at this point.

“What happened? How can you… Suddenly…….”

Enrique sat up as he stuttered and asked. Lillian, who saw his big eyes, laughed pretending to be shy. And she put it around Enrique in moderation.

“Well, I don’t know either. It’s just… Sword skills that I had been honing while forgetting my memories are combined with old memories, so suddenly…… I think I’ve learned something. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a bit different.”

Lillian who spoke seriously with her eyelashes cast down, looked very sincere. So Enrique nodded, saying, “So something like this has happened.” Initially, the symptoms of partial amnesia were so rare that he had had his suspicions.

“Anyway, you’re amazing! I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve seen such a talented person. If Dame Lillian tested now no one would be able to push you back from the First Knights.”

Enrique purely admired her skills. He had no idea that all this was the result of Lillian’s transaction with a demon.

Well, did it matter what route she got her hands on? She had already paid enough. Salos not only took her first time, but also took her last conscience and innocence that remained. So this was her own and obtained with her hard work.

“Speaking of which, Enrique-nim, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is that?”

Enrique tilted his head and looked at Lillian. At his young face, Lillian smiled brightly.

“Please let me take the Knights Templar Placement test again.”

It was time for her to get out of the insignificant 4th Order.

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