YSR – 75

“Hello, Enrique-nim.”

“Dame Lillian, how was your vacation?”

Enrique’s face, which had first welcomed Lillian with a smile, turned. He looked over Lillian with a curious regard. His gaze wasn’t the kind that contained the vulgar intention to appraise Lillian’s figure.

“……Something seems to have changed about you.”

Enrique was a sincere man who lived according to his principles. Others thought of him as dull, but there were times when it was surprisingly sharp. Just like now.

Lillian wondered what kind of change he noticed. Perhaps he noticed her becoming stronger than before vacation? If it wasn’t that… maybe it was that her body mixed with a mans?

Either way, she wasn’t pleased. Lillian didn’t want to get caught by him. Especially the fact that she is a woman who sold herself to the devil to gain strength. So Lillian smiled broadly and deceived him.

“Can you tell?” Actually… While I was on vacation, I did some special training.”

“Special training?”

Enrique asked back, inquisitive. He was honest so he assumed others were honest too. Lillian smiled flashed at Enrique, who was large and naive.

“Yup. You’ll probably be surprised.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Enrique’s purple eyes gleaming at Lillian were just like jewels. His eyelashes looked more stunning because they were silver and as bright as his hair. Lillian, who was staring at him, stepped towards him and beckoned him as if she were going to tell an important secret.

Enrique leaned down toward her without any doubt. His silvery hair flowed down his ears. Lillian boldly reached out and put his silver hair behind his ears. As if she were trying to innocently whisper in his ears, while gently caressing his earlobes.

“Well, what I’m saying, Enrique-nim…”

When Lillian’s slender fingers touched his sensitive ears, Enrique trembled. Lillian did not miss the opportunity and made sure her breath touched the fine, barely visible body hair that stood up on his ear. As if she was gently tickling not just the fluffy hair but his heart.

“Now, I remember everything. My swordsmanship skills that I had previously forgotten.”

Enrique looked back at her with huge eyes at her unexpected confession. He had been naive enough to believe Lillian’s falsehood of “partial amnesia.”

“That’s great! The training seems to have worked. It worked really well.”

Enrique’s face, smiling brightly at her, was sincere. He was delighted as if it were him, not Lillian who had regained her memory.

Lillian looked at Enrique’s elegant face as if he had been carved out of silver. And in the corner of his white face, she found the tips of his ears blushing where she had teased him. Seeing this, Lillian’s red lips smiled softly.

“Now that I’ve regained my memory, I have to work harder. I look forward to your training today as well. Knight Commander.”

“Of course. I’m glad I helped you regain your memories. But don’t overdo it.”

Enrique spoke with a slightly worried face. Lillian, who heard that, smiled shyly. Painting her countenance as pitiful to stimulate Enrique’s temperament, which was weak to the weak.

“No, I… I want to be strong as soon as possible. Next to me…… Because my father isn’t beside me either.”

“Oh, your father is still……?”

“Yes. Although no body was found… There’s a witness. The man who witnessed my father arguing with some gangsters. He couldn’t stop it himself because he was scared, but saw my father being dragged along with a scream.…!”

Lillian sold Herbert without blinking. A weak sob drowned out the end of her speech. As Lillian’s shoulders trembled as if holding back tears, Enrique’s expression grew serious.

“Really? That…… Are you sure about the reliability of the witness’s testimony?”

No. Actually, it was all a lie. Herbert Rosetti was murdered by her own hands and the demon took care of the evidence himself. So the only person who knew this was herself.

Now, even the memory of her killing Herbert and trembling had faded. After that, she had killed some more monsters, including the Salamander. And according to Lillian’s standards —or Chae-yeon’s—Herbert was no different from them.

Now he was a monster. Even now, when she mentioned Herbert’s name, she didn’t feel any remorse. Since Lillian had blood on her hands anyway, she knew what she needed to do. She needed to trample on the bodies of everything she had killed and climb up.

“Don’t be too sad, Dame Lillian. The body has not been found yet. Is it something you don’t know? Your father might be unexpectedly fine…….”

“Thank you, Enrique. If you’re okay, will you join me for training?”

Naturally she didn’t want to talk about Herbert anymore. She was tired of it. Lillian intrinsically interrupted Enrique and suggested training with watery eyes as if she was a person who tried to change the subject because talking about her father hurts her heart.

“You want me to go to training? Now?”

“Yes. Do you still have more work to do?”

Enrique glanced at his desk as if he were contemplating. On his desk, there were still a few documents waiting for approval. After seeing this, Enrique fretted and turned back to Lillian.

Lillian didn’t bother to urge him. Instead, she put her hands together and looked at him with a pitiful look as if she were holding back the pain. Seeing her strangely fragile face grow thinner during the vacation, Enrique his lips. Enrique Evans was always weak to the weak.

“Okay. Let’s check out the results of your special training.”

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