YSR – 74

Saleos glared at Lillian, his eyes deep and gloomy.

Through her long black hair, Lillian’s skin glowed white like snow.

Although she attempted to cover her nudity with one arm she couldn’t hide the beautiful curve of her breasts and her slim abdomen.

He recalled how soft and sweet her skin was and how sensitive her body reacted to him. She was indeed a dizzyingly captivating woman.

But what was even more bewitching than her unclad body was Lillian’s eyes glaring at him. Surrounded by striking ebony eyelashes, her stunning eyes were churning with terrible wrath, feelings of betrayal, and hatred.

Nevertheless, she was smiling deeply, suppressing all these emotions.

“Fuck it.”

Saleos floated in the air and clasped the pitiful arm that had been reaching out to him. Then he yanked Lillian towards him and kissed her sweet poisonous lips.

Love and hatred surged back and forth with heated breaths between open lips. Their bodies, entangled like two snakes, soon hot with lewd heat.

At times, hatred resembled the most ferocious sexual passion.

“Oh, Saleos! Ahhh, oh! Ah!”

Lying on the sofa, Lillian cried and called his name. She no longer addressed him with honorifics when she called him. So it was more provocative.

Saleos, who grabbed her soft ass from behind, roughly pounded into her. Her inner flesh was so tight that whenever she twisted her waist, her insides enveloped and squeezed him. It was a pleasure that seemed to melt away reason.

He bent down and leaned against her back as he held her as if he had become a male beast in heat.

Then, he bit her white neck and shoved his own deeper against her asscheeks.

“Oh, ah! That’s good. Oh, my unnhhh!”

“Do you like it that much? What if my cock gets stuck? Imagine the strength I’ll give you after this.”

Saleos whispered fiercely and then bit her back. Responding to his provocation Lillian contracted her insides even tauter. Lillian groaned as he constantly stabbed and widened her narrow passage as if spreading her apart.


Her blurry vision shook, and she was out of breath.

Her obscene pose, her head down as her ass hung in the air like a brazen dog in heat, made her more aroused.

Saleos relentlessly thrusted into her. His penis was too big and hot. She could feel his shape acutely through her vaginal wall encircling him.

Because he pounded her from behind, his genitals seemed to hit deeper and deeper.

It felt like she was being erotically impaled, run through her legs.

His member rubbed against her inner walls and accurately stuck her at her most weak point.

Every time, Lillian trembled, feeling a small peak as something bigger grew. Her body was burning white and convulsing as his pillar fucked and stroked without leniency.

“Oh, stop..….. Whoa, oooh ahhh!!!”

Her overly sexy moaning wail spilled out of Lillian’s lips.

Saléos’ passionate movements became even more hectic. Filling her in and crushing her from behind, he saw nothing. Unlike her lustful, excited breath, Lillian’s eyes glisten fiercely.

“SooYeon, SooYeon……!!”

Abominably, Saleos, called her original name, as he plunged his penis deep into her depths. His groaning and trembling cock appeared to have ejaculated in her core, but nothing actually came out. Because he wasn’t a human. So Lillian didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

‘Isn’t it a very convenient sex toy?’

Lillian thought to herself as she took a deep breath. After Saleos climaxed inside her he reached out and grabbed her by the roots of her hair. He turned Lillian’s head towards him and kissed her.

Lillian didn’t spurn the kiss. She knew that after enduring this despicable kiss, a great reward would be bestowed. She greedily swallowed the ‘power’ mixed in with the demon’s heated breath.

Without spilling a single drop.


Saleos’ hand that had grabbed Lillian’s hair now caressed the back of her head affectionately.

Lillian blinked silently and studied his face. Saleos’ face, which was beautiful as usual, was now ecstatic, shining brightly in the aftermath of their physical affair.

His face unexpectedly looked a little distressed, and he gently rubbed his lips against Lillian’s red cheeks.

Lillian, who had been tolerating Saleos’ actions for a while, soon pushed his shoulder away. And he smiled sweetly like honey.

“I’m tired. I want to sleep now.”


Saleos’ golden eyes sank after being pushed away.

He disappeared from Lillian’s without saying another word.

Lillian stared vacantly at the place Saleos had been for a moment. Silently she turned her back and laid down.

‘I will never trust anyone again.’

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  1. 😭😭😭😭😭😞 this is so good yet so sad, but this is what he deserves

    My ship is gone (but I hope they’ll have more snu snu because why not, lol)

  2. I still like him and want to believe he hid those things from her so that she wouldn’t hesitate or feel bad when killing the monsters… 😭😭

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