YSR – 73

“What’s wrong? Wolves hunt deer, and humans and beasts hunt each other. This is an unavoidable principle of nature. You’re a knight. From now on you have to keep killing monsters! But what if you freeze up in real life because you’re scared? What will you do then, eh? I trained you!!”

Saleos growled as he leaned in towards her and met her eyes. His fierce aura was ferocious. But the more furious he got angry, the colder Lillian became.

She glared at him with green eyes blazing with an icy fire as she pointed out the gaps in Saleos’ argument.

“Don’t talk as if it was for me! You relished every time I—who knew nothing—killed a monster so you could absorb energy from the slaughter. All of this was for your gratification and appetite. Did you ever ask for my consent in the process? Did you?”

“They were all essential processes! To whom do you owe today’s win in the arena? If it weren’t for me and my powers, you would have been burnt to a crisp as you cried like a coward!! Tell me I am wrong!”

Saleos’ voice rose. He had masked himself well so far, but his fundamental disposition was that of a demon’s.

He was arrogant, adamant, and selfish. He couldn’t stand Lillian’s judgments against him.

Fueled by rage he could not suppress, Saleos’ power exploded making things burst and rolling and knocking down everything in the dressing room.

Lillian was not fazed and did not blink even amid the chaos around her. She stood upright with her pale face looking straight at him as Saleos arrogantly demanded,

“So stop nitpicking—you should be grateful for what I did! Because of me, you were able to fix your weak heart. You owe me.”

When he said that, Lillian lowered her eyes without saying a word; her eyelashes hid her gaze.

There was silence passing between the deep valleys of emotions. Saleos thought maybe she was crying. Because women were usually such creatures.

But after a moment, Lillian raised her head and was—unexpectedly— smiling.

Lillian’s despondent countenance was coupled with her venomous atmosphere.

“……You’re right. Thanks to you, I’m going to change.”

A lot.

Mumbling quietly, Lillian turned away. It was only a waste of time to talk to the demon anymore. She had now learned that demons were not ones to converse with but were for using.

For just that lesson alone, she was truly grateful.

After turning around, as if he wasn’t there, Lillian took off her armor over his body without reluctance.

She peeled off her hard black leggings and leather tights drenched with the monster’s blood. Lillian peeled them all off one by one. Until the unclad body, a vulnerable woman with white skin, emerged.

“What are you doing now?”

Saleos growled in a voice murky with anger.

Lillian looked back over her shoulder, flipping her long black hair out of the way.

A devastating sad smile materialized on her cold, clouded face.

“What? I should pay for the transaction.”

“.….. What?”

“You want to sleep with me, don’t you? That’s why you tricked me. But as you said, you paid me back and then some more. I owe you. Then what can’t be done?”

The words that came out of Lillian’s mouth echoed exactly what he said. However, it was being twisted and not being used as he intended.

So, Saleos frowned and his eyes narrowed on her. Lillian, who turned toward him, slowly reached out.

“Come on. Take my hand. And prove to me that what you said was not a falsehood.”

He won’t be able to turn down my offer, Lillian thought as the corners of her mouth twisted.

Saleos had set up this trap to get what he wanted, there was no way he could resist the tempting gift she was putting within his reach. He was such a clever evil beast.

But it was fine. From now on, she would be more cunning and him more devious. It was going to be more ruthless. So she wouldn’t be fooled or swayed by him again.

The world was a cold and cruel place. Only female protagonists like Aleyna could receive favours free of charge in a place like this.

It was a given that it wasn’t the same for her, a mere supporting role. But instead, she had forgotten her place, built up, and had been betrayed by her unrealistic expectations.

She was pathetic.

Lillian tried to swallow the self-hatred and malice that threatened to vomit up and instead smeared over her being like nausea.

And, like the original namesake of her body, Lillian smiled innocently like a blooming lily.

Her red lips softly whispered his name:

“Saléos… Hurry up.”

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7 thoughts on “YSR – 73

  1. Seriously, this is the best I’ve read, it broke my heart a little bit, but I think it will have a good evolution in their relationship (I love angst)

  2. This made me feel shivers and cold all over my body, it also broke my heart since I shipped them a lot… it’s fre*king good! Lol.

    I seeeeriously adore Lillian, she’s one of the best MCs I can think about. She’s awesome, she’s the anti-thesis of a Mary Sue, and for that reason, she’s so interesting and exciting to read.

    That’s also why it hurts so much to read her thoughts and feelings while crossing her journey. Because her path is not a flower path where everyone will fall for her, she doesn’t even have a lackluster and fickle halo to supress her pain or to drug her sense of reality.

    Her ruthless thoughts, especially towards hersel, is the only way she knows to ensure her life and I have a mad respect for her because of that.

    Anyway, this story is hella good, super sour and yet super funny, realist in the whole fantasy and, being honest, the whole self-hatred that Lillian has while failing is so relatable (also her way to force herself to learn and continue her path).

    Geez, it hurts right here in my meow meow.jpg (lol), but it’s also super inspiring. I know she’ll conquer, win, and grow!

    Tysm for sharing this story with us, I’m always here to read more. 🥰🤧

  3. am i the only one on saleos’ side? been waiting for her tough-girl side to show up for quite some time, and it took her this long lol,, she needed to be forced. why bother summoning a demon if she couldn’t even do her part?

    she was lucky saleos hadn’t forced her and showed her the monster he is when she first resisted.

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