YSR – 72

He was the first person in this world that she had revealed her real name, Chae Soo-Yeon to. And he was her only confidant, as she shared her difficulties and weaknesses from being in other worlds. He was the only one who knew Chae-Yeon, not Lillian Rosetti.

So she foolishly came to believe in the demon, Saleos. She even liked him for a while. At best, it seemed he was generous with her, giving her a lot, and didn’t seem as if he would throw her aside or take advantage of her. How stupid.


Lillian scoffed, berating herself coldly. Of course, she was thinking of sleeping with Saleos someday. It wasn’t just because of the contract or just to gain strength. This was because he sincerely believed in and liked Saleos.

Yeah, she liked Saleos. Even if it was not yet a grand enough emotion to call it love, she was conscious of him as a man. How can she not? He was the only man who hugged and comforted Chae-Yeon while she was anxious about her unfamiliar fate in an unfamiliar world.

He was a man who kissed her on the cheek and reassured her whenever she was scared. He was even the first man she had slept with.

Yet, he used her ignorance and favor. He deliberately tricked her, pushed her, and made her fearful and so she fell into his trap.

He deprived her of the opportunity to make her own decision for her first night. And he swallowed her alive, like a cat that drove a scared mouse to the corner.

Lillian felt terribly betrayed by this fact.

‘The fact that he trained me seriously, and praised me, and said he was proud of me when I killed the monster.… It was all lies.”

He should’ve just said it. Instead of joking like before, he should have held on to her seriously, asked for the payment—even demanded it. If it had been like that she might have willingly slept with him.

But Saleos didn’t do that. He didn’t tell her his desires honestly or share what he wanted. Instead, what he chose was to trick Lillian and trap her. Maybe this was the devil’s way.

“Think about it, Lillian. You eventually got the power you wanted, and I also got the price I wanted. Why are you angry when no one loses?”

In the process, you deceived me, you mean bastard.

Lillian’s green eyes flashed with anger. But she didn’t foolishly voice her heart. It is late, but now she truly realized it: That the beautiful man in front of her is not a human, but a demon.

Saleos was a seemingly friendly and charming man. But, this was nothing more than imitation, nothing more, nothing less. Just as monkeys mimic the trainer’s actions, Saleos was just playing by mimicking human actions and speech. He would never ‘really’ understand Lillian.

‘So I won’t trust you anymore either. I’ll just use you thoroughly.’

In Lillian’s heart, a door shut with a cold metallic sound. It was a large and heavy door that, once closed, would never open again. Lillian’s eyes grew cold and sunken, twisted her lips. And told him in a sarcastic tone.

“Let’s be honest with each other now. Those illusions that you said were for practice. They weren’t some fantasy, they were real? Right?”

Saleos did not answer. He didn’t think Lillian would notice that. There was not just one thing he deceived her about. Lillian trembled at the thorough deception. She tried to hold back her anger as she pointed out one by one.

“It was strange for some reason. It was too real to be called a fantasy. Not only that, but you kept imbuing me with abilities. Even if it wasn’t big, I improved my skills little by little each time. You even treated me if I got injured. But you didn’t have the energy I gave you, but so with what force did you do all that with? What?”

At the end of Lillian’s rant, her emotions exploded. She brushed her face with her trembling hands in anger. The monsters she had killed casually came to mind one after another. She recalled their screams of pain they shrieked before they died.

“Was it amusing? To tease me when I didn’t know anything? Thanks to you, I… I didn’t even know I was killing something. No one else knows, but I should have known that, after taking a life!”

“……Really. How irritating! I can’t listen to you anymore.”

Saleos finally got up from the sofa. Throwing off his relaxed mask, he strode up and loomed above Lillian’s nose. His golden eyes lit up with an irate fire.

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  1. Ohh si me rompió el corazón..
    Yo quería que el fuera el ML..
    Pero es un demonio y no tiene sentimientos…
    La engaño, ella poco a poco se estaba abriendo a él…

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