YSR – 70

Lillian quickly rolled down the floor with enhanced agility and avoided it. Flames pouring from above the head were a fearsome threat. Especially since her hair could catch on fire. But it wasn’t that difficult for her to evade his attacks, perhaps because of the “ability” she received from Saleos.

While Lillian was running around avoiding the flames, the Salamander who had already landed down to the ground, tried to blow out another fire attack from the front.

“That’s not gonna work!”

Lillian instinctively threw her sword into the air without even thinking about it—aiming right at the Salamander’s snout.

Kyyyyaaaaah! [t1v: Monster scream sfx]

The sword flew and lodged itself into the Salamander’s lower jaw that had opened to exhale flames. Surprised by the unexpected pain, Salamander shook his head and went mad. The wind blew sparks from the mouth all over the place.


Lillian hastily struck a fireball away that had been flying toward her face with her hands. She remembered that she was wearing gloves that she had borrowed from Enrique. Fortunately, the gloves did a good job and prevented the fire from burning her.

Crack, kyyaaahhhhh!

The Salamander still struggled to get the longsword out of its lower jaw. Preoccupied, he didn’t bother with Lillian. Lillian, of course, had no intention of missing this golden opportunity. She quickly approached the Salamander, taking agile light steps.


She felt a little sorry, but she couldn’t help it—it was either her or it. Lillian closed her eyes and kicked her sword handle stuck in Salamander’s lower jaw. Then the blade penetrated Salamander’s upper jaw. Salamander’s eyes seemed to turn hazy, and he fell to his side.

“Waaah! Woooww!!”

The crowd’s roaring roar poured from overhead. In their view, Lillian was as agile as a cat and as bold as a lion. In addition, whenever Lillian made a dynamic move, her well-fitting leather suit highlighted her fantastic figure. She had a star quality that they couldn’t help but admire.

“Black Rose!” Black Rose!!”

As some rose from their seats and chanted, the other audience members also cried out her nickname. Then the host laughed loudly and poured praise on Lillian;

“As expected, from the hottest rookie, Black Rose, gave us a hot match. Even the Beast of Fire can’t keep up with her! That’s great—Amazing! Black Rose! Everyone, give her a round of applause!!”

The sound of applause falling from above her head sparkled over her like stars. Lillian, aroused by this, waved at the crowd. And as if to show off his victory, she walked along the fence of the round stadium and blew kisses with her hands.

Every time she approached, the crowd roared even louder. Lillian smiled as she wiped the sweat from her chin. It felt so exhilarating to have the applause and cheers that poured on her. The eyes that followed her every step felt delicious. Deep inside her heart was bristling with joy.

‘Yes, this is exactly what I wanted!’

The spirit of Chae So-Yeon, who always lived as someone’s sidekick, was thrilled. Now she was in the role of the main character that she had always dreamed of. Standing amid acclaim was a more ecstatic experience than she had assumed. Lillian thought she could do anything if she could stay here. Even if it meant pushing the ‘real’ protagonists off of a cliff.

After a round of fan service, Lillian returned to her place. Then he looked down at Salamander, who she had defeated. The Salamander’s body trembled as if it was having a seizure as if he hadn’t completely lost his breath. Lillian, who was looking down on it silently and clenched her jaw.

I’m sorry.

She bent down and grabbed the handle of the sword that pierced the Salamander’s jaw and quickly pulled it out.


Salamander’s lava-like blood was scattered across the stadium floor. It was so hot that part of the wooden fence burned black.

Lillian ducked her head and circumvented it. Stabilizing the sword in her hand and promptly stabbed Salamander in the neck, taking its breath away.

The Salamander’s body no longer moved. Lillian, who put one foot on it, raised her arms as if to show off her victory. With deafening cheers resounding her head, flowers thrown by the audience members piled up around her.

Black Rose, a formidable rookie who made her debut on the most popular show in the Billions Arena: ‘Beauty and the Beast’! Her name soon became famous throughout the Legonian capital.

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