YSR – 7

“What’s wrong with you these days, young miss? Come on, try a spoonful of soup, please!” 

Sam pleaded, holding out a spoonful of hot corn soup. But Lillian turned around instead of answering. 

My heart was upset, and I couldn’t stomach anything.

The Baron Rossetti family have been humble impoverished nobles that had to work to live, mainly as knights, for generations. 

Because of this, Lillian never had a proper dowry, so she became a knight, too. To make a living with honor, naturally, she served as a full-time knight in the royal palace. 

She belonged to the 4th knights, which were only composed of knights from the most powerless and humble noble families.

But even as the most insignificant knights, they were formally trained in swordsmanship. Lillian’s strange swordsmanship would never go unnoticed. 

‘And I have to go to work tomorrow,’ thought Lillian, who had finished eating. 

The original story began when Aleyna arrived here as a royal daughter of another country. 

There was still time before Aleyna’s arrival, and so Lillian was still in the situation where she was eating and living with the Knights Templar. 

The day of work is now tomorrow.

Fortunately, when she first came into this body, it was vacation time. 

So I could buy time to adjust to Lillian’s life, refraining from exposing myself. 

But time had run out.

She had to go to the royal palace tomorrow and mingle with her colleagues in the Fourth Knights as she did before.

They didn’t appear in the original work as colleagues of a supporting actor. 

The writer must have missed even the number of letters listing their names. 

Therefore, Lillian had to act as if she knew strangers who had no name or face. 

We’ll even have sword training together. 

I didn’t even have to wonder. 

There’s a 100 percent chance of being revealed. 

‘Shall we run away now?’ Lillian seriously thought. 

No matter how impoverished an aristocrat was, there had to have something worth some money. 

‘Why don’t we sell it and raise money, and go out into the illegal loan business? Or make and distribute drugs to become the so-called drug king. You didn’t have to stick to the fancy social world to be the heroine. Rather, it would not be a bad idea to become a criminal and become the number one boss in the underground world.’ 

Lillian was raking her mind to conjure up even impossible possibilities. 

“Wait a moment, my lady!” 

Sam, who laid down the corn soup solemnly, suddenly went out of the room. Then this time, she brought a full bowl of hot steak and held it outright under Lillian’s nose. 

Lillian, dumbfounded by the smell of meat in the room, turned around to her. 

Then Sam showed off her gums and smiled wide.

“Hehe. I’m sorry I didn’t notice, miss. You can’t be satisfied with just the corn soup. Ta-da! It’s a lamb steak that melts gently in your mouth!” 

Lillian, looking down at the plate of her steak, smiled kindly. 

Then she took a deep breath. 

Lillian’s shriek rang out throughout the mansion. 

“Get out now!!!!” 

I’ll burst into flames and die and turn into ashes because of her one day. Lillian thought as she ground her teeth.

Impulsively, she jumped up from her seat and searched her closet. Lillian, who took out the best of countless training suits, left the room. 

It was true that I didn’t want to see Sam in front of me right now. But that’s not why I wanted to leave home. 

In any case, I had to prepare for the worst-case scenario, as my identity would be revealed tomorrow. 

If we wanted to find a way to make a living, we needed to see what the world was like. She trudged out of the house with her hair tied roughly. Baroness Rossetti was a poor noble family. Thus the estate in the mansion was not very large. In fact, it was just a big three-story house, and it was slightly embarrassing to call it a mansion. 

There were few employees, so Lillian could easily get out of the house without having to deal with curious eyes. 

She walked along the road leading from her front door. 

I only walked for about an hour, but I could see a village far away. At first glance, there was an exotic scene that was different from Korean villages. 

A small stone street with tiny houses with colorful walls and roofs. People with exotic looks and clothes who are busy going back and forth.  

Along the main road, there were also carriages of aristocrats moving from side to side down the wide boulevard. 

This place was breathing and exhaling its vivid vitality. 

“Only 5 Bronze for freshly baked bread! Come on, everybody, taste it!” 

“I have some fresh fish that just came in this morning! Seven for one, but three for 17 special!” 

Lillian looked around. 

There was a more significant downtown than I had thought. 

I can’t believe this place is close enough to come on foot. 

Unexpectedly, Baron Rossetti’s mansion looked like it had a reasonably good location. 

Well, that’s why Lillian rides a horse to and from the palace every day. 

It was as if we were in Europe or in a fairy tale. 

Chae Soo-Yeon was a dirt spoon that had never traveled abroad in her lifetime. 

That’s why the exotic scenery in front of me was impressive. 

‘Oh, no. It’s not the time to be distracted like this.’

Lillian, fascinated by the sights for a moment, came back to reality, tense. 

She looked around eagerly, as initially intended. However, she did not find any particular type of business that she could live on. 

I started to despair. So it made me sadder. In the book, other fates are usually warm and full. 

If only my biggest worry was why the male lead was obsessed with me instead of the female lead.


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4 thoughts on “YSR – 7

  1. I see what you mean with the self-pity but I also get it. She didn’t even get the memories of the person she now is, she’s living off what she knows from a less detailed book. She can’t even fake amnesia. She has no way to make money and after a lifetime of stuggling to die and wake up as another person and still struggle that must suck. Even more so cause all the other books like this make it so easy where everything goes right for the transmigrated person. Still she needs to stop taking her anger out on her stupid maid it’s not the maids fault and she’s being a jerk.

  2. Tbh I like the story, I think it takes a different direction than the typical villainess that just had to run away from her death but with grandiose settings already that usually just imply for them not to be disgustingly evil or rude, like the og characters.

    In this case Lillian/Sooyeon is facing her death but also all the issues she left in her previous life (directly), and that’s a really nice thing. If she overcomes all that, I’m gonna be proud of her.

    There is indeed some self-pity but it’s understandable. Anyway, she’s not someone who stops her life to cry non-stop, otherwise how was she able to work on her skills, still trying to pursue her dreams, and mantaining herself alive with small jobs? Our MC is strong! >u<

  3. I’m not mad at the self pity, I’d probably be the same if I transmigrated tbh, but I am annoyed ather for taking out her anger on the poor maid. The girl didn’t do anything wrong. Instead of being mad at her, she could’ve taken the opportunity to low-key get information on OG’s life, coworkers etc

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