YSR – 69

“Then let me introduce you to our next player! Black Rose, the rookie who will be appearing in front of you for her very first time! Let’s give her a round of applause!”


With a loud roar, the entrance to the stadium opened overhead. At the same time, Lillian thought she heard a creaking under her feet, and as the platform began to climb up. As she got closer to the light, her heart pounded and adrenaline rushed through her veins.

“Black Rose! Black Rose!”


At the same time Lillian appeared in the stadium, colorful confetti and petals fluttered around her from all sides. Lillian squinted at the suddenly bright light that filled her vision. Then, her eyes made out the large stadium where she stood in the middle of.

This place was reminiscent of a bullfighting field in Spain. Outside the high-fenced stadium was packed with spectators. Even the class of the audience was divided, and those who appeared to be VIPs were sitting on the highest tier and looking down at her. But since they were wearing veils on their heads she couldn’t make out who they were.

‘Well, what’s the point of that? They don’t know who I am either.’

Lillian took her eyes off the audience and made up her mind. She was not a fool. She didn’t mean to miss the opportunity to stand out and leave a lasting first impression. Fan service was important to any star.

Lillian, who raised her red lips smoothly, went to the center of the stadium with a confident walk. Then, he bowed down to the audience with a splendid gesture. When a rose flew at her feet, she picked it up, kissed it, and threw it back to the audience.

“Black Rose! Black Rose!”

“Look over here, too! Here, here!”

The audience seemed impressed by her unrivaled confidence. Sharp whistles, shouts, and laughter flew from all directions, making her ears numb. She felt the audience’s attention and was thrilled.

The host laughed cheerfully when he saw her showmanship. And when the atmosphere was in full swing, he carried on skillfully.

“A newbie who flew in like a comet! Look at her amazing composure— Black Rose! But will she be able to maintain this confidence in front of a flaming monster—the Salamander? You’ll have to keep watching to find out! Come on, everyone! Don’t be surprised! This is the Salamander of Fire, captured by the faraway Chevron Trench.”

Is this it, finally? Lillian was on edge. Although she had grown stronger, it would be the first time she was face to face with a Salamander. She couldn’t believe she’s finally seeing the beast that she’d been imagining until now!

One of the high fences in the stadium opened up like a door. And with a strange cry in it, the Salamander finally slowly appeared.

Climbing out of the dark shadows, its eyes glinted around the stadium with ferocious eyes. In a place full of strangers, it seemed to be sensitive when a roar hit its ear. Salamander’s inner eyelids, which had a blinking membrane like a reptile, flashed.

‘That’s… a Salamander.…?’

Lillian looked at Salamander, frozen in place. Its appearance resembled a vision previously presented by Saleos. It looked like a lizard or dragon without wings.

There were thorns poking out of its spine and flames erupting all over the body.

Indeed, it was a menace. Salamander, as Saleos said the other day, resembled a water basilisk. This is probably because the two monsters were similar entities.

But there was one crucial difference.

‘Why is it so small?’

Lillian’s face in the mask is distorted. The water basilisk she had been practicing with was much, much bigger! It was a big monster that could easily be mistaken for a dinosaur.

Every time it swung its long tail, wind pressure almost knocked her over.

However, the salamander in front of Lillian was as big as a crocodile. The weight difference was so different. So Lillian was puzzled.

‘I’m sure… they said it’s stronger than the water basilisk.…?’

No, let’s not let our guard down. Fighting isn’t all about size. Salamander must be more dangerous because instead of being huge, he emits enormous flames.

Lillian glanced at her flame-resistant leather gloves and carefully posed in her fighting stance.

Then Salamander, who was very sensitive to unfamiliar conditions, stared at her. When the reptile’s unique iris came narrowed on her, its reptilian eyes looked more violent sending chills down her spine.


With its lack of size, the Salamander was faster. Flattened on the floor, it crawled across the stadium on all fours. Climbing on the high fence, it unleashed flames at Lillian—three times in a row!

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