YSR – 66

Lillian’s white hands trembled with passion. Her soul that had lived in other people’s shadows all her life laughed excitedly in anticipation. Observing her from afar, Saleos thought quietly,

‘You’re an interesting person.’

In Saleos’ eyes, she was like a moth of fire jumping into the flames. She was foolish and useless but burned blindingly bright at the moment when it burns itself. Salos was very excited about what kind of light she would show him.

“Should I test the new powers you’ve gained?”

“Are you going to start practice?”

Lillian looked back at him, delighted. It was that moment when she felt her body completely change and itching to move. Meanwhile, Saleos’ suggestion was very tempting.

As her twinkling eyes turned at him, Saleos was drenched with a strange satisfaction. He smiled, revealing a row of white, straight teeth, and whispered gently.

“Yes, because today is the last day of training. You’re ready, aren’t you?”

“Of course. Let’s get started!”

Lillian replied with the most confidence he’d ever seen. Not able to imagine the future that was going to befall her soon.

* * *

The monster, the water basilisk, that Saleos summoned, looked the same as usual.

It was the same giant lizard, with a long threatening tail, fierce eyes, and a slightly long neck. However, one strange thing was that one eye of the water basilisk was injured and blind. Upon examining it, Lillian tilted her head, thinking something was strange.

‘Umm, what is it? This is a continuation of the last training? Why did you deliberately make it realistic?”

In yesterday’s session, Lillian managed to stab the Water Basilisk in the eye. Immediately afterward she had been wacked by its tail and lost consciousness. However, the summoned water basilisk looked exactly the same. Lillian, who observed this, thought something was wrong.


The water basilisk roared upon discovering Lillian, its eyes glowing red.

It suddenly spewed a stream of terribly terrifying water pressure from its mouth. When Lillian saw this, her speculative thoughts were quickly wiped from her mind, now focused on the battle. Before she knew it, the Water Basilisk’s attack flew right in front of her.


If it were her from before she would have been hit by the stream of water. But now Lillian swiveled and avoided it easily. The water attack flying toward her seemed as slow as a joke. Her footwork was faster than before, so it was suddenly all too easy.

‘I guess my senses and instincts have improved.’

Lillian was amazed and stepped back and saw a gap in the monster’s defense. The thick, scaly leg was cut with surprising ease. The water basilisk screamed painfully and retreated back.

Lillian didn’t miss the opportunity. Saleos taught her better: Once you get the chance, you keep pushing until you win. Following the teachings, Lillian wielded a sword and pressed the water basilisk into a defensive stance.

Kyyyyaaaaakkkk-!! [monster shouting sfx]

In desperation, the monster put its all in its last tail attack. It was like a log was being swung at her.

Lillian, who was hit by this yesterday, was knocked out at once. But getting hit was out of the question for Lillian now.

She took a “Myer-style sword” position with much lighter legs than before. Without difficulty, she evaded the basilisk’s tail and stabbed its body. Her sword arm, which was much stronger than before, easily penetrated the hard scaly back of the basilisk.

Kreukkk, koohhhh…[monster suffering sfx]

The water basilisk, which suffered from a deadly blow, struggled. Then Lillian stabbed it in the neck as fast as lightning. She cleverly struck the monster from its blind side catching it unawares.


The feeling of sharp iron penetrating the skin was still terrible. But Lillian also welcomed this sense, slitting the monster’s neck in a familiar gesture now, it was a Hector Meyer’s technique of quick stabs and thrusts.

‘Okay, I won!’

Convinced of her incredibly enhanced combat capabilities, Lillian’s face shined brightly.

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