YSR – 65

After Lillian left work early, as soon as she arrived home she headed to the gym in her backyard. Skeptical, she cautiously swung her sword a couple of times.

Indeed, Saleos gave her the “reward” she desired so badly, she was noticeably stronger. It was the terms of the deal in the first place.

However, the result was the same several times. She hasn’t gotten stronger yet. Lillian frowned and grimaced, calling her demon.


“What’s up?”

Saleos who appeared behind her smiled softly.

His expression was indifferent as if they hadn’t had such a hot affair. Rather, Lillian, who summoned him, blushed a little.

It was her first time sleeping with someone so she was unfamiliar with how to face someone after she shared a bed with them.

“Well, Mr. Saléos. We did…. you know… Anyway, that… But I don’t think I’ve gotten any stronger……what the hell is going on here, umm?

Lillian, was first hesitant because she was shy, but as she began to talk she became more heated. Why did she need to test it out and ask? Deals should naturally be fulfilled!

Tomorrow she would be in the arena facing a monster. Her life was at stake and if Saleos didn’t hold up his part of the bargain she would be in trouble. Seeing Lillian determined gaze, Saleos shrugged and explained,

“That’s because I haven’t given you the power yet. I also need time to absorb the emotional energy I received from you with my powers. It doesn’t work right away.”

“…How long does that take?”

It was the first time she heard such a condition. Lillian asked with fear softening her voice. Her face turned pale with anxiety, scared she might not be able to get stronger abilities in time and seriously get hurt in the betting ring. Saleos, who saw her anxious expression, laughed aloud.

“Don’t worry. Because it’s already over.”

“What the hell man! I was worried.”

Lillian’s red eyes glared at him with a disgruntled face. Saleos gently hugged her around the waist to soothe her.

“Come on, come here. I’ll give you the power I promised.”

He bowed his head and kissed Lillian lightly. His fragrant breath flowed through his open lips. There was not only warmth, but something else mixed together in his breath. Something very thick, sticky, very hot.

Lillian felt his breath spread throughout her body. In particular, the marrow in her arms, legs, hands, and shoulders heated up. She had glimpses of Saleos giving her “ability” before but it had never been like this.

Lillian’s eyes grew wide as she instinctively realized that her physical abilities had been bolstered.


As soon as the kiss was over, Lillian pushed Saleos away and looked down on her hands in awe.

She picked up the sword that she dropped after her drill. Testing it out, she swung her sword a few times, the sword drawing a sharp orbit that was incomparable to her past skill.

Not only that but her speed, technique, and stamina were much higher.

Lillian, who was dazed by her changes, ran a few laps as a test. First, she jumped in place, then ran around the field. Her legs were as thin and solid as deer as usual. But the strength she retained inside was like a bull.

“No way.”

Lillian covered her mouth with both hands, trying to hide her joy. Saleos, who was watching her from behind, asked,

“Do you like it?”

“Of course! You’re not going to take this back later, are you?”

Lillian, who couldn’t hide her smile, suddenly looked serious. This was the problem with abilities received from others. No matter how shiny it was in your hands, you never know when it would crumble like a pile of sand and disappear.

“Don’t worry. One can’t take something you already paid for without a reason. The same is true of our dealings. You have paid the promised price, and therefore the ability is entirely yours.”

Fortunately, Saleos’ answer was positive. As soon as she heard it, Lillian’s face brightened up. Her eyes sparkled as if they were on fire, filled with indescribable glee.

Of course, Lillian had been practicing and had been training desperately. However, like art, physical skills, including swordsmanship, had a common “glass-ceiling” dictated by DNA.

And to her chagrin, Lillian Rosetti’s talent had clear limits. She tried her best and no matter how hard she tried she barely exceeded the average talent and barely beyond that.

So she needed a deal with Saleos. To overcome this inherent limitation. And to grab power for herself.

‘Who’s gonna die like the original? Let’s just see.’

Lillian pursed her lips and looked down at the sword in her hand.

Poor supporting actress, Lillian Rosetti. Only a bridesmaid for the heroine Aleyna.

After that, she was cannon fodder for the male lead to kill to vent his anger. All this happened because Lillian Rosetti had no power or ability.

Then she just needed strength and ability. It was enough for her to become so great that the heroine couldn’t have her in a supporting role, so strong that the male protagonist wouldn’t dare become angry and vent his wrath on her.

‘I’ll do anything for that.’


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