YSR – 64

It was much more lewd, shocking, and intense than she had expected.

Lillian muttered, massaging the muscles of her thighs:

“Just try not to be strong like this.”

Her poor, hoarse voice was pitiful even to her own ears. But Lillian was serious. Saleos was very attractive, but that didn’t mean she was in love.

If you slept with a man you didn’t even love, and all you had left was body aches? It was such a losing deal.

Lillian lay face down on the desk, frowning. When she laid face down, her eyes hurt, so she changed her position to the side. Her current condition was so bad that she couldn’t even tell if she was stronger or not. I just wanted to leave early and go home as soon as possible.

‘I’m gonna take a nap and try it again.’

Lillian’s determined eyelids slowly closed. It was supposed to be a little shut-eye until Enrique returned.

Just a little bit.

“…I’m speechless.”

“Don’t say that. She is ….and again she is…… do.”

In the distance, Enrique was speaking quietly, rebuking someone’s acrimonious voice. But it was hard to hear in Lillian’s deeply troubled ears. Enrique, who glanced at Lillian, lowered his voice more,

“Why don’t you move over here instead of doing this?”

“Why? Because she’ll wake up?”

It was unexpectedly Prince El Seed who responded sarcastically. His flirty eyes were showing a wicked temper. Where his eyes, as red as the sun, were directed, was, of course, Lillian.

“She’s sleeping every time I see her, shouldn’t she be disciplined?”

“Sir Lillian’s early leave request has already been granted. So she’s not on duty right now. There’s no reason to discipline her.”

Enrique countered in a stiff tone. El Seed then stroked his sharp jawline and murmured, “I see.”

His beautiful face smiled wickedly through his golden-threaded hair.

“What a strange thing to say, Marquis Evans. What makes a man as sincere as you protect a slumber of negligence?”

“As a supervisor, it’s a natural duty to lead and protect your subordinates.”

“Is that really all?”

El Seed asked with his arms crossed and narrowed eyes.

He seemed to ask if Enrique had her in mind. Enrique looked angry and responded,

“I don’t mind, but it’s is an insult to Dame Lillian. Your Highness, she’s in a very difficult situation right now but she’s trying her best.”

“It seems to me that her best is sleeping.”

“It doesn’t matter what a knight does in their free time. But please be aware of this, Your Grace. Dame Lillian is desperately striving every moment as a Legonian knight and as a human being. Please don’t insult my trivial favors towards Dame Lillian.”

“Okay, calm down. You’re the one who will wake up that sleepyhead.”

El Seed, who replied half-heartedly, glanced back at Lillian. There was a gleam in his indifferent eyes.

The way she slept, she looked quite comfortable, but there seemed to be a surprisingly wretched story that made the upright Enrique protect her.

After what Enrique said, she certainly seemed a little tired. Now that he looked at her, her white face was particularly reddish. It didn’t look like she was sleeping but rather she was in pain. Even her sleeping face looked particularly pitiful because of her of worries.

‘Come to think of it, last time…Didn’t you say your father was missing?’

Indeed that was a bit pitiful. El Seed’s selfish mind finally swabbed a booger of sympathy. He clicked his tongue and turned his back to her. Finally, he ordered Enrique bitterly.

“Heal her until she leaves for the Kingdom of Tril. I don’t want to see a sloppy guard.’”

Until then, El Seed had not looked forward to it. How will Lillian, who he put in the escort party on a whim, perform when attacked in the future?

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