YSR – 63

Lillian, being embraced by a man for the first time, trembled. There was no pain. Saleos must have done something for her.

But pain and the discomfort of widening and filling her full were two separate issues. His erection was so gigantic that it seemed to fill her up to her stomach.

She was afraid that something might go wrong or something might rupture.

Unknowingly, Lillian started panting and while attempting to push back on Saleos’ firm shoulders. Saleos took the hand pushing against him, tenderly grasped her hand, interlocking their fingers, and kissed the back of her hand. With a strikingly charming smile and twinkling eyes, the sight calmed Lillian down.

“Relax, shh. It doesn’t hurt, does it? Right?”

His golden eyes started to glow a burning bright red. The moment Lillian encountered his eyes full of terrible ferocious passion, her lower abdomen seemed to constrict and she felt a piercing wetness. Lillian mewed unintentionally, caressing her belly that held his members.

“No, it hurts… It’s too big…….”

“It can’t hurt. Your insides are so soft that it’s melting and sticking. Your insides are chewing on my cock.”

Saleos whispered cruelly in a friendly voice. At the same time, his penis pushed itself in, all the way to his roots. He touched Lillian’s deep core inside. At that moment, Lillian’s eyes flashed.

“Ah, Huhhh! Oh!”

Saleos began to explore her insides slowly. At first, he moved softly as if to reassure Lillian. Then his thrusts gradually accelerated, his hard penis penetrating her insides like ripe pulp.

When his swollen head hit her sensitive spot that made Lillian struggle earlier, she couldn’t pull herself together. Every time he pushed into her, her whole body shuddered as if she had been electrocuted by a weak electric current.

“Uh! Oh, no… There……!”

“It’s not ‘no’, you like it, don’t you?”

Lillian shook her head in tears. Then Saleos grabbed her chin and kissed her. Like his tongue came through her panting lips, a big, hot cock came into her core. His rhythmic thrusts filled her body with joy.

“Do you know where you’re feeling it— it’s very deep, right?” [t1v: some people have an orgasmic spot/g spot near their cervce—learn more on my discord’s sex ed channel]

“I—I don’t know…..Ah! Ohh!!”

“Some people won’t even be able to reach it. It’s so greedy. It’ll never be satisfied unless it’s big.”

Saleos pushed his own deeper, panting. His strong waist, with a hot erection raging wildly and drove into Lillian.

His pillar rubbed against her insides, teasing and arousing her, then pulled out roughly and stabbed her weak spot.

As Saleos was relentless, her body was seized with a sense of pleasure that was so intense that the fluffy hairs on her whole body stood up.

“……Oh, my gosh!!”

The sweet vertigo, which was now familiar to Lillian now was overwhelming. Her mind flashed white and blank as her narrow interior tightened around his member and contracted greedily. Saloes then moved more violently with his jaw clenched.

“Soo-Yeon, Soo-Yeon……!!”

“Ah, no, no more! Hic, ahhhh!”

Saleos, who had not yet come down from his climax, shoved his penis to the root. Then he began to pound the inside violently from above.

Her wet pussy convulsed, with transparent liquid splashing from her wet labia. He stimulated the entire inner wall.

There was no pain, but the was problem the pleasure was excessive. Lillian’s head was dizzy because of the lack of oxygen, and her eyes flashed with stars’ extreme pleasure. She clung desperately to his shoulder, floundering like a butterfly drowning in honey.

Even though he would kiss her tenderly, her demon never let her go.

* * *

Suffering from last night’s hellish pleasures, she managed to get to work with a heavy body. Her face became haggard overnight, the gentle Enrique was startled.

“Are you ill or in pain? I’d rather you take sick leave.”

Enrique looked down at Lillian with a worried look. Her elegant eyes were reddening, and her lips were much more swollen than usual.

She must have had a fever. Enrique, who unintentionally reached out and touched Lillian’s forehead, while tilting his head in inquiry.

‘No fever.’

Lillian, who was silently receiving Enrique’s touch, pulled down her hand. And mumbled in a cracked voice.

“I’m fine. Never mind.”

“It’s okay. I’ll ask the administration for your early leave, so stay here for a while. I’d rather you go back home and rest today.”

Enrique spoke fast and left the office. She couldn’t believe he was going to apply for an early leave for his subordinate. It was really Enrique-like behavior.

Lillian, looking at Enrique’s disappearing back, closed her eyes. She had cried so much yesterday that her eyes were dry. She’d had only vaguely imagined what sex would be like, but her first experience was really amazing.


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