YSR – 62

The sweet devil’s whisper soaked her ears. He promised not to hurt her. He wasn’t trying to rush it, but to reassure her.

“Ahhhh ohhh…..”

Lillian sat with her hands behind her back, her knees up. Her eyes were drunk and hazy, and hot breath flowed out of her red lips. Between her smooth, white legs was someone’s red hair moving obscenely up and down. As if to imply the lewd acts underneath it.

Every time he sucked between her white thighs her lower back trembled.

It was arousing, something was building up as her body got hotter. His firm fingers easily opened the petals of her wet secret. And something hot and soft pressed down on her bulging pearl.

“Oh, uh…!”

Lillian’s legs shook with the new sensation. Sensitive, she felt a small climax just from his tongue grazing her clitoris.

Saleos raised his mouth and gently rubbed his thumb over her center.

“Do you feel good? It smells like lust here.”

“Hugnnn, ah…… Ohhh!”

Every time his fingers rubbed her clitoris, her vision went blank. Lillian twisted her back to escape this hellish pleasure. Saleos held her thighs firmly and lowered his head again.

“Don’t refuse. I’ll make you feel it again and again.”

His wet lips gripped her pearl, sucked it, and poked her vaginal entrance with the tip of his tongue. The pleasure she felt every time he did so resembled mild vertigo. Lillian closed her eyes tightly to clear her swirling vision. The pleasure between her legs became stronger.

“It tastes sour like fruit. It’s not fully ripe yet, but it will soon.”

As if to prove the truth of his words, Saleos pushed a finger in. Lillian tightened inside unconsciously due to the sudden feeling of a foreign body. His finger squeezed in the narrow tunnel and rubbed against Lillian’s inner walls of her lower abdomen.

At the same time, Saleos began caressing her clitoris gently with the tip of his tongue.

It was a very strange sensation. The place he licked felt as if it would melt, but the fingers digging inside was strange, maybe that’s why her insides kept trying to push his finger away without realizing it. As if egged on his fingers ran wildly inside, rubbing around her inner walls, as if he was searching for something.

“Oh, I feel…… That’s, ahhh!!”

Lillian, who was about to complain with tearful eyes, suddenly moaned. As soon as his finger pressed down on a point, it was as thrilling as an electric current flowed through her body. What the hell was that? Lillian’s eyes got bigger.

“Here it is. Your favorite place.”

Saleos’ golden eyes flashed with cruel joy. At the same time, his fingers began rubbing the area in earnest. Every time Lillian couldn’t even moan properly and flinched.

There seemed to be constant sparks in her eyes. A lot of honey leaked out from her insides melted by pleasure. Her legs became damp, and she could hear the sound of wetness splashing in her ears. While ashamed of her lewdness, she was ecstatic, Lillian’s body beyond her control.

“Uh, Ahhh… Ohhh!”

Taking advantage of Lillian’s panic at the unfamiliar pleasure, the fingers that were going in and out of her core stretched to three. It was intense, but the pleasure was overwhelming and she couldn’t come to her senses.

His fingertips rubbed her inner wall like a ball of excitement arose and grew larger from within.

Saleos bowed over and licked her clitoris. Sucking her swollen nib with his lips he brought her to a climax. At that moment, Lillian, whose insides rumbled, reached a peak that she had never experienced before.

“Ha, uh… Ohahhhh!!”

Even while she trembled during her orgasm, Saleos did not lift his lips but persistently buried his face in her sweet-smelling pussy, gently licking off the flow of love liquid dripping off her genitalia.

And as Lilian’s body sagged and relaxed in the afterglow from her peak, her legs naturally softened and opened. Saleos slowly pushed his alarming organ towards her secret entrance.


“Are you scared? It’s okay. It won’t hurt.”

Really? Lillian asked back with a fearful glance.

Saleos was rubbing his large penis against her wet pussy. If something like that came inside of her it would be ridiculously painful.

Lillian licked her chapped lips, about to speak up but Saleos’ low voice spoke sweetly first,


At the same time, an object that could not even be compared to his fingers pushed inward towards her core.

Lillian’s green eyes widened from the shock. She could vividly sense his cock forcefully widening against her squeezing twitching inner walls.

‘Really… ..it’s in!’

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  1. He eased her muscles first to ensure that she got used to something of a notable size. That’s a level of thoughtfulness even many male leads fail at! Good job, Saleos!

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