YSR – 61

Fortunately, Lillian was able to recall her memories before being further teased by him. Frowning with concentration, she jumped out of bed.

“I lost again— didn’t I? Right? I must have fainted during practice….”

Lillian’s voice gradually became more and more depressed. It was because the water basilisk reminded her about how far behind her was. Why the hell was she so weak?

She lamented. After seeing her despair, Saleos smiled and spoke up:

“You seem to have a surprisingly good memory.”

“Yes, I remember stabbing the water basilisk in the eye, but after that…….”

“You got whacked by its tail, went flying, and when you bounced off you hit your head. Naturally, you lost consciousness. Human beings are fragile.”

Saleos squeezed Lilian’s shoulder as he laid back on the bed, speaking gently.

Lillian sighed at his observation and felt the back of her head. Fortunately, there was no pain or swelling perhaps because it was a fantasy space.

‘But I’m an idiot who can’t even beat an illusion.’

Lillian thought, self-despairingly.

Today’s practice was over, so there was one practice left. But even if she won tomorrow, it wouldn’t change anything. The real Salamander was stronger than the water basilisk she battled.

Even if she beat the water basilisk, there was no guarantee that she would win against the Salamander. What a sad excuse of a sword master she was. Lillian, who lost all confidence, sighed deeply.

“Haaaa [Sigh]…”

I guess it can’t be helped, Lillian thought rationally even in the midst of dismay. She tried her best within the given time, but she didn’t get to the level that she yearned for.

There was a limit to Lillian’s development as she learned fencing for the first time.

But she couldn’t just give up and throw up her hands and say ‘Oh well’ and die.

She didn’t train so desperately to die just like that.

Lillian rather be a side character that died at the hands of the male protagonist than have such a vain death, erasing even the slightest significance she had in the original work.

Now there was only one path left for Lillian. She was no longer in a situation where she could hesitate.


Determined, Lillian called Saleos. He smiled gorgeously, his eyes lit, and replied with a low gentle voice,


“I want to make a deal. I’ll pay you…… so please make me stronger,”

Lillian said as she blushed and her eyelashes fluttered.

Her eyes were flushed with shyness, but her lips were set with a determination.

The smile slowly disappeared from Saleos’ face after seeing this. He stared at Lillian in silence.

Fortunately, he didn’t make her repeat herself nor did he ask her if she meant it.

‘Then you can’t run away.’

Saleos’ golden eyes darkened with deep desire.

Alas, he had been waiting for this moment. His contractor was truly interesting, beautiful, fragile, and yet unyielding. So it made Saleos’ craving sweeter. Until, after all, such a shameful move.

He bent over and kissed Lillian slowly. It was a soft and sweet kiss, just like nibbling melting cream. A gentle kiss masked his insidious passions as he reassured his prey.


Unintentionally, Lillian opened her lips like a butterfly drunk on the scent of honey.

Then Saleos wrapped his arms and hands around her neck and body and kissed her a little deeper.

A tongue slightly hotter than human body temperature touched her teeth and entangled itself with the tip of her tongue. Whenever that happened, little gasps leaked out from her as her body’s temper increased.

Licking his lips, he raised his large body and overshadowed Lillian’s body. It was Lillian’s first time being under a man’s body, she gulped, tense.

Saleos gently caressed her neck and shoulder with his big, hot hands. After doing this several times Lillian gradually relaxed.

Happy with his results, Saleos smiled, bowed his head, and kissed her shoulder, gradually kissing her neck and collarbone carefully as if he were studying delicate petals.

“It’s all right, you won’t feel any pain. I promise you on my name.”


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