YSR – 60

Son of a bitch! Lillian’s green eyes flashed with suspicion. Maybe it was all an amusing prank to have her train this hard? Covering her eyes and trying to hide his true purpose!

It made sense the more she thought about it. Lillian was on the verge of going insane. You believe the devil’s words because there is no one else to trust!! Lillian’s shoulders, tightly closed, trembled with fear and chagrin.

“Oh, my.”

With a wry smile, Saleos reached out and hugged her. He hugged her like a child. Lillian was surprised by the instant increase of her height and vision and grabbed his shoulder in bewilderment. Saleos smiled, revealing his white teeth.

“Chae Soo-Yeon, you are my precious contractor. I can’t let you die in an arena. When you die, I’ll have to go back to boring hell again. So don’t worry. I’ll never let you die.”


Lillian asked him desperately, clinging to him without realizing it. She was so emotionally fragile that his haughty remarks were comforting and welcomed.

Of course, she still suspected Saleos. But in this critical situation, where she had nothing else to believe in, she needed hope. While Lillian’s tearful face looked at him, Saleos smiled even more sweetly.

“Of course. I haven’t tasted you yet, do you think I would let you die?”

Saleos’s subtle voice was too seductive. His low, throbbing voice seemed to penetrate and travel up her spine. Lillian, who blushed at this, said softly,

“Of course you can’t let me die. I’m participating in this game because of Saléos. So take responsibility and train me.”

Saleos’ words, of course, were a great comfort. But it was never a primary solution. Chae Ji-yeon had a lot of expectations in her life, and the majority of them were blocked from happening. The opportunity she wanted was taken away by everyone else. Because she had no money or power.

When disappointment was too great, expectations naturally disappeared. She didn’t really expect anyone else to help her. Even if someone helped, there was a condition. Even if there was a relationship, what if that relationship fell apart? And you still couldn’t help yourself? What would happen then?

So the best thing you could rely on was power you had yourself.

Saleos was a means to this end, never an end in itself. Still, this time…….

“Thank you, Saleos. Thank you for comforting me, I am relieved because of you.”

Lillian, who hesitated for a while, smiled shyly at him. She was grateful to Saleos for boasting that he would not let her die. Lillian’s sincere face sparkled like a star.

The moment I saw that smile, Saleos’ face hardened for a moment. His expressionless face was as cold as a stranger. Seeing this, Lillian doubted her own eyes.


At that very moment, Saleos smiled again as usual. He pulled up his charming red lips.

“Good, you’re ready, aren’t you? To train.”

“……Ah, yes. Of course. I’m ready.”

Maybe she saw wrong? Lillian tilted her head and raised her sword. It was a very short moment, so she wasn’t sure if she saw his expression correctly. However, there was no time to ponder about it, when the vision made by Saleos appeared in front of her.

Kyyyyyyeeekkk-!! [monster scream sfx]

The water basilisk stamped its feet with a terrifying roar. There was no room for thought against the giant water lizard. Lillian immediately lowered her body, clearing her head of miscellaneous thoughts.

There were only two days left.

* * *


Lillian opened her eyes, startled by the feeling of her body falling down. As soon as she opened her eyes, she was faced with Saleos’ overly-beautiful face. He raised his head as he tried to lay Lillian down with his red eyes downcast.

“You’re awake.”

“……what happened? What’s this place?

Lillian looked around, asking in bewilderment. Suddenly, she was in her bedroom. Perhaps Saleos opened his eyes while carrying her and placing her in bed.

Saleos smiled sweetly at Lillian, who looked puzzled because she couldn’t grasp the situation.

“Oh, you don’t remember? Our… ‘hot moments.’”

What was he saying all of a sudden? Saléos whispered with a smirk but his words were unusual.

Lillian’s green eyes started to tremble. She quickly recalled what she was doing before she lost consciousness.

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  1. What????? Pls tell me he’s just teasing.. oh no, pls tell me they already did it lmao xD

    What’s going on with Saleos, did he get angry?

    1. My guess is that he’s angry at himself for softening at her expressions. He’s a professional demon contractor, dammit! (That’s what I imagine him cursing at himself)

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