YSR – 6

Lillian got up from her seat in a hurry, quickly stuffing her mouth with food and drink. 

Sam, who was serving the meal, was surprised.

“Miss, where are you going? You haven’t finished eating yet! You’re only going to eat this much?”

Sam’s mournful voice called after Lilian.

She was astonishingly obtuse for an employed maid. 

But thanks to that, she didn’t even realize that a different soul occupied Lillian’s body.

That was a huge relief, but that wasn’t the problem. 

Hastily, Lillian entered her room and pulled out one of the many training outfits from her closet. Then, she hurried her steps and headed towards the mansion. 

The modest Baron’s mansion wasn’t very spacious, so she could see where the training ground was. But the short distance to it felt like a thousand miles.

Fortunately, there was no one training, and the area was empty.

Lillian, who meticulously checked over and over again to see if no one was around, picked up one of the dull swords scattered about. 

She began to rationalize with herself.

“Bodies can subconsciously remember movements even when the brain can’t, right? It’s obvious when I swing a sword; it will all come back to me!”

With her heart and hope up, she started stretching. 

I didn’t know much about the warm-up movements in this world, so I decided to do some simple gymnastics. 

Fortunately, Lillian’s well-trained slender body followed national gymnastics well.

Thanks to the gracefully completed movements, there was a little more hope. 

There was the hiss of a drawn dull blade that rang in the air accompanying her thundering heart.

Lillian’s knuckles turned white, and she took a sloppy stance.

She started hacking with her sword.


Her face twisted, and she swung the sword a few more times.

‘Nothing is coming to me?!’

I couldn’t remember the swordsmanship I had never learned.

Unable to accept her desperate reality, she tried again and again again and again. 

Her grip was firm, and the weight was light to Lillian’s well-trained arm. 

But that was it. Lilian could not perform with a sword. 

She only accepted it when she was out of breath and panting.

“*Gasp, gasp*, huh-nk….”

Sweat was falling off of her chin, but it wasn’t just sweat that she shed. 

Tears poured down when fear gripped Lillian’s already-stressed out heart. 

It was already nerve-wracking to enter a strange world with the possessed body fated to be a soon-to-die humble sidekick.

‘As if my situation wasn’t already bad…. I don’t even have Lillian’s one advantage: her skills with a sword.’

At the acknowledgment of this fact, Soo-Yeon’s frantic soul was outraged.

‘Why the hell should I live like this?’ 

She thought.

When you look at transmigration novels, people are bound to eat and live well due to being high born.

Their biggest concern was how to drive all the attention to the heroine.

However, after the miracle of possessing another body, she was put in such an unfair situation. 

The things that were effortless to obtain for others were arduous and full of trials and tribulations for her to acquire—and that was only if she was lucky enough to get it at all. 

She was always surrounded by people who did not have the hardships she had to endure, so perhaps she had expectations of a more comfortable life when she transmigrated.  

With that hope carrying her, Soo-Yeon had clenched her teeth and struggled to adjust to Lillian Rossetti’s life. 

She consoled herself by telling herself, “How can you be pretty even if you’re from a poor baron’s family?”

But this revelation, Soo-Yeon had reached her limit.

A miserable fate came this far and poisoned the soul of the vegetable kite. Full-fledged tears fell from her tired eyes.


Lillian angrily threw her sword with all her might. 

What’s the use of holding onto something that you can’t use it anyway? 

The sword that hit the floor of the training ground and rolled far away, splashing blue sparks. 

Standing in place, Lillian sobbed.

It’s all over now. Sam may not notice, but others who knew even just a little swordsmanship would soon be aware.

The fact that Lillian Rossetti is a fake.

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  1. I love how the story is subtly poking fun at the vialianess transmigration trope. But I also feel really bad for her. Maybe her memory will kick in when she’s in an actuall fight?

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