YSR – 58

Indeed, Darkness was quick to change his words like a local manager of the Billions loan company. However, suffering from an incurable severe bad fashion disease is a fatal disadvantage. Lillian clicked her tongue and brushed off the remaining debris of the protective gear on her hand. She raised his hand at the Darkness.

“I’d like a pen and some paper, please. Even though tights can’t be helped, I’ll design the guard myself.”

“You don’t have to do that. We don’t have much time left, so my people will…….”

“I, myself, will directly come up with it. I’ll do it.”

Don’t make me talk too much. Lillian put coercion on her face with a smile on her face. Apparently, a lily-like beauty was smiling, and strangely, his spine felt a chill. Lillian’s strength in her aura was also increasing as her sword skills increased.

Seeing this, Darkness called in a staff member without saying a word and delivered what she wanted. Lillian’s eyes, holding a pen in her hand, took on a serious glow.

* * *

“Haaaa [Sigh].”

A sweet sigh leaked out of her pale pink lips that resembled cherry blossoms. It was already her seventh sigh today. Enrique looked up from the documents in the office. His amethyst-like eyes scanned the black-haired beauty who sat far away.

‘What’s wrong?’

Lillian had been a bit strange lately. Of course, she was still diligent, never late, worked during the day, and trained with Enrique. That had not changed.

Lillian’s skills have improved to an alarming degree, apparently because she had known swordsmanship beforehand. Now Enrique was on the verge of occasional cold sweats when he handed over her sword. She was so talented; he wondered why she hadn’t stood out before.

Apart from that anyway, Lillian seemed preoccupied these days.

Even now, her green eyes were wandering in the air as if she were thinking of something. She was so engrossed that she didn’t even notice Enrique staring at her. Seeing this, Enrique thought casually to himself.

‘You have a pretty profile.’

Lillian wasn’t a conspicuous beauty at first sight. However, the contrast of white skin with a lot of black hair was striking, and the features were harmonious without any significant sharpness. Lillian was an attractive and charming lady in a knight’s uniform and with her hair tied back.

Enrique unwittingly studied Lillian’s side profile of her face. Her forehead was straight and his nose was delicate, the lines of her face were elegant and smooth. She could have looked plain, but the lips underneath it were especially plump and red, drawing attention.

Enrique, who was staring at her lips with concentration, suddenly blushed.

What was he doing now? He wasn’t a pervert who enjoyed voyeur women—he was just looking at other people’s faces. Despite his excuses, he was ashamed of his actions. Enrique coughed and caught Lillian’s attention.

“Hmm. Dame Lillian.”

“……Oh, I’m sorry, Enrique-nim.”

Lillian, who awoke from her thoughts, was startled and apologized.

She must have gotten lost in her thoughts again. Lillian’s mind was filled with only one thought these days. She was the highlight of the Billions arena, the Beauty and the Beast show.

‘It’s already almost here, the day after tomorrow.’

Her heart sank when she thought about it. Lillian was doing her best, but it wasn’t enough. Time was too short for her speed of improvement. Lillian didn’t even defeat the water basilisk yet. Even a monster who was much weaker than Salamander.

‘Isn’t your debut day going to be a funeral?’

Any color bled out of Lillian’s pale face. She could vividly visualize being in front of the Salamander’s flame and becoming a bbq roast. It’s probably crispy on the outside and moist on the inside since it’s baked quickly at high temperatures.

‘I hate it!!’

Lillian really didn’t want to die. So she seriously pondered over it. Wouldn’t it be better to sleep with Saleos? In order to have moral principles, one needed to be alive. What’s wrong with having sex for a living? Since she had decided to sign a contract with a demon, she had prepared for this day.

Yes, she thought, it was better to sleep with him. Saleos was a demon who had lived for many years, so he must have had a lot of experience. So he would do well for her first time without it hurting. Most of all, with his transformed appearance, he was incredibly handsome. If such a man was her first, it was too good to be true.

Lillian was about to harden her heart and make up her mind. But somehow, she felt a gaze on her, turned towards it, and met Enrique’s anxious eyes.

“… I’m sorry. Did I look weird?”

Don’t tell me I smirked like a pervert thinking about Saleos’ face?

Lillian waited with bated breath for Enrique’s answer. Then Enrique gazed into Lillian with a manly frown. An unexpected question came out of his mouth:

“You’ve been a bit strange lately. Do you have any concerns?”

“What? No, it’s nothing to worry about.”

“No, I’m sure there are worries.”

Enrique said firmly, unlike usual. Actually, he was not wrong; Lillian was at a loss for words. Enrique boldly pushed her, who was speechless.

“I can’t stand by this, as a superior. Tell me. What’s the problem?”

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  1. It irks me to be remembered by other male characters that she isn’t that pretty. She’s the prettiest and coolest in my heart, lol. 🤧💗

    Glad to know she got free from her uniform 😹😹😹

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