YSR – 57

Lillian’s tight black leather tights wrapped all over her body from neck to toe. That alone is already terrible, but to add insult to injury, the leather was glossy!

She wanted to bite her tongue with shame when she put on the tights with shiny sheen all over her body. Fortunately, Lillian had a great body shape because of her continuous training, but that didn’t comfort her.

There was even a hole in the middle of the full-length tights. Silver rings and chains hung in the gap of the sunset, adding to the sensibility of the middle ear disease. Lillian could have put all her money on this being Darkness’s personal taste.

“Now, for the final piece, a mask……Ta-da!”

A mask was placed over Lillian’s head, whose expression was stiff. It was a mask with a special fastening so that it wouldn’t come off even if it moved around violently. [t1v: catwoman, is that you?]

The mask covering half of the face was black, and it was very colorful with a silver border and pattern. There was a velvet black rose around the left eyehole. As if Darkness wanted to stick with the damn concept of ‘Black Rose’.

“How is it? Doesn’t it feel like you’re reborn? Whoa.”

No. I felt like I needed to go out and die. Lillian trembled and looked at her miserable reflection in the mirror. To paraphrase it, she looked like a hard worker at an SM club who made money by whipping rich men’s fat ass and trampling them with her high heels.

[t1v: goals.]

“Is this it? What about the armor?

Lillian asked in disbelief. Then Darkness shrugged and clapped his hands—one of the Billons’ staff waiting in the back brought in a box. Lillian was relieved to see this.

“Yes, we need armor. Tights are poor…… I’d be better off in armor.’

But it was too early to be reassured. When Lillian opened the box, there was a pitiful guard in it that was enough to make her think, ‘Ugh.’

She wasn’t roller skating! It was only elbows and knee pads.

Lillian raised her trembling hand and pressed down on the protector.

A thin, smooth protector cracked the surface, making a crisp sound by itself. Lillian’s mind, which saw this, was also cracked.

‘I won’t do it. I can’t!’

Eventually, Lillian, who exploded, began to tear off her tights. The material was so glossy that it didn’t even tear well. So she got even angrier. Darkness, who saw her violent behavior, stopped her in surprise.

“Be careful! Your precious costume that took a long time to make will be ruined!”

“It’s a mess! How am I supposed to wear this?! Are you out of your mind?”

I’m about to fight Salamander! It looks like you’re going to fight a fire-breathing dinosaur! What’s the use of all these flirting tights and crumbly armor!!!

Lillian screamed inside. Darkness kicked his tongue when she saw her face red with anger. Then he lifted some of the ragged tights and asked.

“Do you have any idea what material this is made out of?”

Do I know? Lillian sharpened her eyes on him with a look instead of answering.

Maybe it was because she was a knight, but she looked quite daunting to Darkness. He made eye contact with her and felt a tingling. In the past, he thought she was just a pretty place, but now he felt strangely attached to her. Darkness, who did not think deeply due to lack of time, added an explanation.

“Listen, it’s a leather fabric that’s been treated with a special chemical, so it doesn’t catch fire. This can last a couple of times, even in the face of a Salamander’s fire. It’s not just pretty to look at!”

It wasn’t pretty; it was hideous. The tights were so shiny that Lillian thought she could see her face in them like a black mirror. But flame resistance, that was the one good thing about them that was very tempting. Lillian’s gaze softened a little, and Darkness spoke during her silence.

“Do you know how hard it is to find a female warrior for the Beauty and the Beast show? Yes? We can’t let the gemstone we found after a long time burn to death in the first game. We consider the safety of the players. So please trust me more!”

Instead of answering, Lillian reached out and grabbed an elbow brace. The guard cracked as she tightened her grip. She applied more force, and it completely split in half.

Lillian, who flung it randomly, asked with a flick of her eyebrow.

“What about this?”

“…… We’ll make your guard again.”


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