YSR – 56

Lillian, struck by it’s large tail, rolled like a crumpled fallen leaf. She couldn’t breathe, and her vision became dim. The moment she managed to regain her sight, he saw a large foot coming down to crush her.

‘I’m going to die.’

Lillian’s pupils grew in an instant. She waited for her last moment, utterly frozen. But just before she was crushed flat, the monster disappeared. Saleos snapped his fingers and removed the beast.

“Perhaps is it hard at first…?”

He walked up to her, mumbling with an insensitive question, and reached out to Lillian. Lillian took his offered hand, trembling. She could hardly stand properly because her legs were weak. She felt pathetic.

Seeing this, Saleos lifted her up. A floating-numb-tingling sensation combined with overwhelming relief made her head spin with a sharp dizziness. Lillian’s eyes rolled up for a moment of confusion, and fainted.

Well, it was nothing out of the ordinary; she had run until she was exhausted to avoid the monster’s attack, who was five times bigger than my body. It was also her first time that she had been cornered to the point where she felt she had narrowly escaped death. Saleos held Lillian’s limp body in his arms and smiled bitterly.

“Poor thing.”

Saleos sauntered. The surrounding landscape slowly changed and turned into Lillian’s bedroom. Saleos, who laid Lillian on her bed, sat on the edge. Then he bowed down and studied Lillian’s sleeping face.

Her white face was especially ill and feeble-looking today. Her breath was unstable, and eyelashes trembled intermittently. Seeing the cold sweat seeping out her forehead, she was probably having a nightmare. It was a shocking experience, so it was understandable.

Seeing this, Saleos leaned his head deeper and kissed Lillian. His lips cut through her cold lips frozen with fear as he breathed into them and warmed them. Lillian didn’t kill the monster today, so he didn’t get much energy. But this alone will be enough for Lillian now.


Lillian moaned in her sleep. She resembled a little puppy hanging from its mother’s breast full of milk. She instinctively knew that the energy he instilled in her was good.

Saleos slowly took off his lips and looked down at her face. Lillian’s pale lips turned red, and his expression looked more relaxed. Looking down at Lillian’s neat face, Saleos suddenly wondered,

“You…… what are you doing this for?”

Saleos murmured to himself, kissing the end of her long hair. He saw a desperate light in Lillian’s eyes as she trained. As if she was being chased, as if she would die if she didn’t try desperately.

To the demon Saleos, her desperation was very intriguing. Her wild efforts seemed to burn her soul. Such creatures living in darkness were bound to be drawn to this light. So, perhaps—that’s why– he figured, he had the very rare curiosity and desire to see her grow.

“Get stronger quickly. Keep me entertained, interesting human.”

With a small whisper, Saleos pressed his lips down on her white forehead. Her flesh smelled sweet enough for him to desire to chew and swallow her up.

* * *

Romance fantasy. A genre full of fancy social circles, attractive characters, magical, mysterious events, and romance. And a feast of beautiful, shiny dresses that can’t be forgotten.

But Lillian was shocked by the outfit she’s wearing now. Her eyes directed towards the full-length mirror trembled with alarm.

I can’t believe you paid for these clothes! Perhaps we should seriously accuse Darkness of defamation and insult.

However, Darkness, the creator of the costume, seemed very pleased. Nodding with his one eye still covered with bangs, he chatted,

“How do you like it, huh? It’s a costume that brings out the wicked inner nature of man to the fullest. You’re going to be the star of the arena, Black Rose! I’ll raise you with my own hands! I’ll give a lot of manure, attention, and affection until you bloom into a cluster of demonic flower blossoms…!!”

Please shut up.

Lillian couldn’t bring herself to swear, so she grabbed the back of her neck. When she first heard that she had an outfit, she thought in passing it would look like a Spartan warrior costume in a foreign drama or movie.

But the reality was bitter. The sight in the mirror was truly spectacular. A strong and sexy Spartan female warrior was nowhere to be found, and instead, a perverted woman stood in its stead—wearing full-body tights.

‘This isn’t happening!!’

Lillian’s face twisted with despair.

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  1. Hahahaha, ofc that weirdo would give him something dirty, poor her 😹😹😹

    Day 9271928374, Lillian and Saleos haven’t had s3x today either ))))): *I love the fact that he’s super supportive towards her too, he wants to eat her yet he’s taking care of her*

    1. Yeah. For a demon, Saleos is actually sweeter and more considerate than the hundreds of thousands overbearing CEO types out there. I don’t have any urge to kick him off the edge of a cliff, for one. I’m completely game for him being the male lead and tempting Lilian to conquer the world. He can probably do that by telling her she won’t really be safe until she has enough power to crush her enemies.

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