YSR – 55

“…… I’ll think about it. I just need some time to prepare myself.”

Lillian clearly replied with a red face. She was a little confused now. To be honest, she wanted to close my eyes and sleep with Saleos. Though transformed, his human form was unduly attractive. A sensual handsome man as if he had walked out of every woman’s dream.

His beautiful face smiled at her at every moment, met her eyes, and sometimes kissed Lillian. But how could she not be swayed by that temptation? Even after sleeping, Saleos will give her strength to be stronger.

‘In fact, there’s no reason for me to refuse.’

Unless she intended to grow old and die a virgin, Sáleos was an ideal first. Nevertheless, Lillian’s reason for hesitation was simple. It was because of her psychological reluctance, fear, and ethical crisis.

Can I sleep with a man I don’t love for a price? Would it be possible if it was one night stand that only pursues pure pleasure without compensation? What’s the difference between a sex worker having sex for money and sleeping with a demon to become strong?

Lillian was a little bit repulsed by this fact. But it wasn’t to the level of ‘I can’t do that even if I die!’ Therefore, if the situation became a little more desperate, she would sleep with Saleos if she had a chance to do so. Unfortunately, she was still been able to overcome the situation with training instead of sex.

‘And you never know. If the first time is so meaningful, maybe it can be used more effectively in a more appropriate situation…….’

No, no. What am I thinking right now? Lillian frowned and quickly emptied her mind. She was doing this kind of calculation on this body. She seemed to have gone off the rails more than she was comfortable with.

“Okay, let’s start today’s training.”

Just in time, Saleos declared in a plain tone. At the same time, there was a space in front of me that I was now familiar with.

“Puh, ptooey!”

Lillian spit out the water that had entered her mouth with disgust. She was so uncomfortable. Especially since the source of the water was spewed out by a giant lizard staring at her right in front of her nose.

‘Isn’t this an indirect kiss?’

Strangely it tasted like strong mineral water.

I felt worse when I wondered if it would be good for my health.

The monster that resembled a Salamander was instead of the water element. Was it called a water basilisk? Anyway, it was an unfamiliar anomaly to a South Korean.

Its attack pattern was much like the real Salamander. But unlike the fiery Salamander, it was much safer because it only spewed water. In short, it was her specialized opponent for practice.

If she could learn its pattern, it would be a significant advantage in the arena.

Lillian rubbed her drenched face so she could see. Just in time, Saleos, who was watching from behind, gave a sermon,

“I’m glad it’s water. If it was Salamander, you’d already lost your sight.”

“I know!”

Lillian yelled, avoiding the tail of the water basilisk swinging at her.

Her hair flew due to the wind pressure she felt when the tail went by right under her nose. Her bones would have been crushed if such a thing was hit her. The moment Lillian cringed with fear, Saleos added,

“At times like that, its sides are exposed defenselessly. You have to keep attacking it and accumulate the damage.”

“It’s easy to say!”

Lillian grumbled and jumped back to avoid the next attack. Still, it’s easier to avoid it than before, perhaps because she learned Hector Meyer’s method. She plucked up her courage this time and cut the monster’s left leg as Saleos suggested. The water basilisk bled blue and roared.

A critical hit—!

The beast’s glossy eyes were bloodshot. It seemed to be very angry. Inevitably, the beast’s movements became even more violent and aggressive. Lillian was soon on the defensive.

Unlike a humanoid beast, such a giant monster needed a great deal of physical strength. Since it was so big, simply stepping back would not work to avoid its attacks.

Lillian had to run or roll as much as fast as she could. As a result, Lillian soon ran out of breath. Her head was dizzy due to lack of oxygen, and her arms and legs were shaking as her ears rang.


The water basilisk pumped water out of the mouth once more. Lillian ran aside to avoid being covered in the water. Then, as if waiting, the tail of the water basilisk flew towards her. Lillian’s breath became ragged as it’s strategy cornered her.



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