YSR – 54

Now she was sick and tired of playing the role of a bridesmaid who makes the main character stand out. Lillian’s green eyes sank into darkness. Just then, Enrique’s voice interrupted her thoughts,

“Don’t worry too much. The guards are exceptional. The journey to the Kingdom of Trill may be a little arduous, but nothing will happen.”

Perhaps Enrique thought she was frightened. She had partial amnesia affecting her fighting abilities yet was made to be an escort on the front lines, causing anxiety. Catching wind of this, Lillian quickly blinked her eyelashes and expressed how fragile she was to appeal to Enrique.

“No, Enrique. I’m also a member of the Royal Knights. I will try my best not to be a burden to others.”

Enrique smiled at her terribly knightly words. A subordinate’s earnestness and sincerity would always satisfy a superior. Deeply impressed by this, Enrique cleared his desk and stood up.

“That’s great. Now that we’re done with today’s work, why don’t we go for one-on-one lessons?”

“……Yes, of course. I look forward to your kind cooperation today.”

Lillian swallowed her tears. After one-on-one sword training with Enrique, Saleos would be waiting at home. And as soon as Lillian eats dinner, he would drag her into a magic fight with a monster and train her.

‘Hey, how is this a romance fantasy?!!!’ [t1v: so far, we’re in the shounen wuxia arc]

Lillian screamed inwardly. It was an extreme survival genre. She was training so hard that she was always on the verge of throwing up. Nevertheless, this world seemed so crazy that she didn’t dare quit. In fact, to overcome her fate of a supporting role, even ten thousand years of training seemed insufficient.

Lillian, with her shoulders drooping, left the office for training. With the first meeting with Alaina just around the corner, time was running out. Even complaining was a luxury for a supporting actor.

* * *

“You want to increase your training?”

Saleos asked back as if he was amused. Lillian nodded with an apprehensive face.

“Yes, I need to be strong as soon as possible.”

“Is it because your match is coming up?”

“There’s that, but…… I’ll be on an escort mission soon. It’s going to be quite dangerous because I’ll be going into hostile territory. There’s a chance I’ll get seriously injured or die.”

Lillian’s lips let out a long sigh. The fragrant breath was smeared with fatigue and fear of the future. It was a sweet smell that the demon loved. When humans smelled like this, it was the perfect time for the devil to dig in and take advantage of it.

A smiling Saleos held her eyes with his gaze. And the tail of the eyes was slightly soft, gently seducing her with slowly blinking erotic eyes.

“I’m sure you know what’s the fastest way to become strong.”

“……What do you mean?”

Lillian inquired, facing him with vivid green eyes. Surrounded by abundant black eyelashes, her eyes somehow resembled a kitten. Saleos, who was happily observing her eyes, sweetly whispered,

“Sleep with me. If you give me your first time as promised, I will make you strong.”

Lillian blushed and avoided his gaze. She, who was chewing her thick lower lip carefully, seriously asked back.

“Will it really work?”

“Of course.”

Lillian was lost in thought after hearing Sallos’s clear answer. Even though his first experience was at stake, it was interesting to consider his proposal computationally like a merchant. Saleos found her mannerisms amusing.

‘What answer will you give?’

Saleos’ golden eyes narrowed with glee.

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  1. I’m literally crying thanks so much for translating these chapters I’m so happy. I’ve been checking every day for updates I know so obsessive but I love this novel. Thank you so much translator-SSI your the best and you’ve made my day a 1000 time better.

  2. Hahahaha, idk about others but this story is just my cup of tea so much. It’s hilarious because MC can’t dare to care or cry or she’ll literally die, but somehow sis is so cunning and strong-head (in a good way) that she manages to flow and walk over step by step.

    Who dares to call Lillian or MC useless ior dumb n this story? Or a cheap Mary Sue? Haha, she just makes me want to cheer on her for fear that her bad luck woud cause something.

    Ps. Saleos the hottie demon snack is a big plus too~ I hope they’ll finally sleep together, I’ve been enjoying everything (except for the sc*m of her father but gladly he’s done now, lol) but yeah, a good snu snu is always welcome. 🤠👌

  3. Lmaooo Lilian did great. Originally, her first time would have been given naturally after the contract, but by putting it off, it actually became a payment for her becoming strong.

    I hope she accepts it, because I’m impatient for the promised snu snu like the prologue lol

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