YSR – 53

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‘Ah, is it the first meeting between Aleyna and the male lead?’

Lillian subtly frowned through her nose without anyone noticing. It would be a year later that Aleyna came here to the Legonian Kingdom. But the damn ‘fatal first meeting’ happened long before that.

The Kingdom of Trill, Aleyna’s home, has been fighting the Legonians due to a border dispute. Then Legonians gained the upper hand, and the Kingdom of Trill suffered significant losses. At this time, the male protagonist and others who went to the Kingdom of Trill for negotiations met the royal daughter, Aleyna, for the first time. She had a unique description in the book, which makes one cringe.

Classic platinum hair that spans the most glamorous sunlight and moonlight.

Exquisite royal blue eyes that will make even the finest sapphires pale in comparison.

As you can see from the above descriptions, Aleyna was the most beautiful woman in the Trill Kingdom. Her beauty was shockingly unforgettable, imprinted on the male lead’s mind who thought of Aleyna even after returning home.

But with the apparent cliche of about 70 percent of romance fantasies, he already had a fiancee. So the male protagonist worried about it for half a year. And then he spent another half year until he finally decided to break up. Unlike his unscrupulous personality, he was unexpectedly indecisive.

Only after a year passed did Aleyna come to the Legonian Kingdom to become a future concubine of the hero.

‘Being a concubine in the palace is a mess. She eventually became a queen with the heroine buff.’

Lillian thought vaguely. Uh, the hero and the heroine were very gross. How do you see Alaina coming here a year from now?

Even if she didn’t read the story, the future development was evident. Maybe Aleyna would woo and spread hopeless heartbreak all over the place with her pretty face. It’s obvious that it was a story and that her appeal was invincible.

‘I don’t like this guy! But this guy is obsessed with me! Hiccup—I’m so unhappy! I want to go back to my hometown!’

Then the hero will growl and grab Aleyna and say:

‘Don’t talk nonsense. You can’t go anywhere. Every hair, every nail, is mine!’

And the supporting actor Lillian Rossetti will think while watching the scene in the background.

‘I hope you catch the damn plague.’ [t1v: HAAA]

Honestly, it was annoying. In the first place, the reason why the male lead confirmed his love with Aleyna was becuase of the kidnapping incident. After losing Aleyna, he finally realizes his feelings, angry that he loses the first woman he fell for.

Well, in it’s own way, it was an impressive scene –minus the part where the male lead cuts Lillian’s throat to express his anger.

Their great love costs Lillian Rossetti her life. Of course, Lillian never agreed to the cost being her life. Thus, on behalf of Lillian’s life, she earned the right to spoil their love. They would also ruin Lillian’s life in the name of love.

“Well, I’m done, so I’ll go.”

Prince Elseed suddenly lifted himself up. Lillian, who was lost in thought and briefly forgot about his existence and was startled. Then Elseed’s eyes turned her way. His red eyes shining through his golden eyelashes were as brilliant as jewels, but on the other hand, as sinister as blood.

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’

Lillian was instinctually on edge. Elseed, who was looking at Lillian with an unknown look, added,

“And make sure to put this woman in the guard, do you understand?”

He didn’t even wait for Enrique’s answer and left. Then Enrique frowned in confusion. Why did Elseed suddenly order Lillian to be put in the escort?

“What happened between you and Prince Elseed?”

“……no, nothing special happened.”

Lillian naturally avoided Enrique’s gaze and replied back.

‘I struck the prince hard. You would have been deeply impressed by it.’

Lillian frowned, mulling over Elseed’s orders.

‘Wait. You want me to escort you in the kingdom negotiations?’

She didn’t want to. She really didn’t want to.

According to the original story, a group of male characters who went to the Kingdom of Trill were ambushed. It was the work of warlords who hoped the negotiations would break down.

Although everything turned out okay due to Enrique’s excellent guards, several knights were seriously injured. At this time, it was Aleyna who took care of them and dropped off medical supplies.

Lillian didn’t like taking the risk. Perhaps the ‘gravely-injured’ knight would be herself. Although she was receiving special training, she was still insignificant. She didn’t think she would be much help during the raid. Rather, by being in a supporting role, she wondered if she would even be in the position where if she was injured if Aleyna would help her.

‘I’m already annoyed just thinking about it.’

Aleyna would act like an angel. And through this scene, she would be able to show off how good she was. Like Lillian, the injured and the supporting cast would only be accessories that would make her stand out.


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  1. I salute to Lillian for her future hardships.
    I can’t imagine witnessing those cringy cliches and romanticized toxicity with my own eyes and ears 🤢😫

  2. Aw, I feel her so much, I mean, imagine being in that cheap situation where your life’s purpose is just being the toy for the “heroine” and her love story? Poor cannon fodder unu

    Tysm for the chapters ♡ fighting!

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