YSR – 52

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“You’re a noisy person. I have no interest in your business. If there is no Marquis of Evans, I will leave. Get out of my way!”

The man swept back his long blond hair with irritation. He seemed to be leaving with cold air, but in actuality, he was actually running away, struggling to escape the quicksand of troublesome and messy emotions. The moment Lillian saw his red eyes, Lillian was stunned.

‘I think I know him for some reason.’

She had seen a description of a beautiful man with brilliant blond hair like the sun god Apollo in the original book. While Lillian was agonizing, the man began searching for an angle to pass her and run away. As a result, Lillian was more brazenly blocking the door with her body. And began to sob even louder.

“Ugh-Ughhuuuhhhh……! I’m really—so sorry!!”

“If you’re sorry, get out of the way! Get out of the way!!”

A man with little patience ended up fidgeting and shouting. If she didn’t get out of the way, she was likely to get hit. Lillian was slowly moving her body. Just in time, the office door creaked open, and Enrique came in.

“What’s going on? I heard a loud commotion from outside.”


After seeing this, Lillian smiled inwardly. Perhaps even god took her side. She looked up at Enrique with a sorrowful, tearful face, meeting Enrique’s surprised countenance.

“Dame Lillian? Are you crying?”

“Wahh, Commander Evans……!!”

Good. Lillian shed tears and hid behind Enrique. She looked pitiful as if she depended on him.

Enrique was weak at this. Poor things, things that lean on his back. So he gave his shoulder to Aleyna, who cried for her hometown, and eventually gave his heart to her. Enrique was fundamentally a good person. A well-educated, upright person who practiced his principles.

So Lillian liked him. Sure enough, Enrique didn’t stop her from crying. Enrique, who hid Lillian behind him as if he were protecting her, confirmed his opponent. And he bowed his head politely with a stiff, hardened face.

“I greet Prince Elseed.”

Lillian dropped her head behind Enrique’s back and greeted with him. It was nice to finally find out who this nasty person was, but…Her expression became even more mysterious.

‘Prince Elseed. No wonder. I am unlucky.’

The second prince was not a character with many appearances in the original story. In a word, he was also a supporting role—a supporting role, like Lillian. Somehow Lillian’s heart ached at the fact.

‘You’re a supporting actor, even in the form of a prince with that face. Poor thing!’

She had nothing. But Elseed was different. Just from his face, he would not be lacking in the position of a male lead. But he still had such a small part in the original. Fueled by her pity for him, tears dropped out of her eyes

Elseed, who met Lillian’s eyes that looked at him with sympathy, lost his temper.

“How dare you stare into the face of royalty! What the hell!!”

“I’m sorry.”

Lillian quickly bowed her head with tears in her eyes. Elseed’s brother was the Crown Prince, and their friendship was quite strong. Even as the second prince, Elseed was a very powerful man.

Enrique’s expression got worse when Lillian’s face fell down. He felt sorry for Lillian, who worked hard in a poor situation. Additionally, to see Elseed, who is famous for his foul temper, persecuting his aide Lillian in his office. Naturally, a hard and businesslike voice flowed from Enrique’s mouth.

“What brought you personally to my office?”

Elseed’s red eyes sank coldly. Enrique’s cold attitude to his uninvited guest was unsatisfactory. With his arms folded, he sat comfortably on Enrique’s desk. He had a wonderful personality to put his ass on a person’s desk.

Enrique’s expression was chilling. Seeing this, Elseed’s eyes looked like they were happy. The main point finally came out of his lips.

“Sooner or later, there will be a friendly conference with the Kingdom of Trill. Even though the King of the Trill gave in, we don’t know what we will do in a country of mangoes. So keep in mind safety and form a convoy with escorts. Understand?”

Huh? Lillian blinked. Kingdom of Trill, she thought the name was familiar. Come to think of it now, it was the motherland of the princess, Aleyna!

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