YSR – 50

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Blinking blankly, Lillian woke up surprised by the sensation of a pen falling from her hand. She looked around the office quickly, but fortunately, there was no one. She promptly rubbed the corners of her mouth while picking up her dropped pen.

‘Good, I don’t think I was drooling.’

Recently her energy consumption had been so extreme. Lillian, a former supporting actor, literally had to make an effort to overcome her fate to survive and become a main character.

With this goal, during the day, she was an aide in Enrique’s office and fought with the monsters conjured up by Saleos at night. Thanks to this, Lillian killed an Orc. Additionally, she almost mastered the foundation of the Meyer sword style.

Of course, she still looked away from the corpses of the monsters she killed, but what of it? She still did her training. Thanks to this, Enrique was pleased to see Lillian’s skills growing exponentially, day by day. Ignorant, he was delighted to see that Lillian had become stronger thanks to ‘his’ guidance.

“Probably because you’ve trained your body in the past, you’re learning quickly. Although fighting styles have changed a bit…… you’ve seemed to be getting stronger. It’s exciting.”

It was a pleasure to be praised by a real elite like Enrique. Especially for Lillian, who is hungry for recognition and attention. However, it was good that the results of the efforts were clear, but her body was likely to be ground down first. Lillian’s hand holding the pen trembled.

What kind of romance fantasy genre piece is this? It’s a passionate youth growth piece!

Her body was past it’s teens, but the schedule was more murderous than ever. As a result, Lillian instantly fell asleep as if she were fainting every night these days. Besides, she sometimes dozed off during the day, not being able to overcome his fatigue. Just like now.

It was fortunate that she dozed off only when Enrique was away. Sincere and upright, he didn’t like those people dozing off during business hours… Yawn… I’m sorry.….

Lillian’s eyes were slightly and slowly…dimly closing… again. The weight of her eyelids were too heavy to lift, even for a Sword Master. She fell asleep as if she were being sucked into a bottomless abyss. I was so tired that she was about to die.

“……look. Hey.”

It felt like someone was beckoning her from somewhere. Lillian, however, couldn’t wake up easily while her eyelids twitched with her effort to rose herself. It was a strange feeling as if her mind and body were separate and her consciousness was divided in half. She could hear but not stir.

Then someone grabbed Lillian’s shoulder as if he was frustrated. It was a brutal hand gesture. Lillian’s surprised eyes flashed open.


The sudden violent touch was like an attack. Lillian recalled the Orc in the fantasy battles Saleos had coached her through during the last training session. Orc’s fierce and violent breath excited by the battle, and his fist wielding his weapon with his force. It was indeed a frightening experience.

Lillian’s half-asleep instinct categorized the strangers’ touch as the same threat. Her body moved before her head woke up, twisting the shoulder and holding their arm, and pushing the attacker against the wall. It was one of the counterattack techniques that she had recently learned under the Meyer sword art.

“……who are you?”

Only after pressing the opponent’s body against the wall did Lillian blink. The man frowned as his elbow was crushed. His breath seemed to be blocked by the sudden attack, so he couldn’t even groan.

Lillian opened her eyes wide and looked up at the strange man. A man, a head taller than her had a terribly beautiful appearance. The long blonde hair tied together was as shiny as the sun, and the eyes distorted by pain were vivid red. His perfect lips groaned annoyingly at Lillian.

“How dare you— Will you not remove this hand?”


Surprised, Lillian quickly released him. Then the man rubbed his arm and grumbled. It must have been very painful. Lillian was a little apologetic.

Of course, she wasn’t apologetic for hitting him. The man was the first to do wrong. How dare he touch someone else’s body, and a knight at that! It was self-defense. But apart from that, Lillian was sorry towards him for one thing.

‘I can’t believe you mistook such a handsome man for an orc.’

No matter how much she was half asleep, it was an insult to beauty.

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  1. “What kind of romance fantasy genre piece is this? It’s a passionate youth growth piece!”

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