YSR – 48

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‘At the betting arena….How much can you earn? You’ll earn something if you practice a lot, right?’

Saleos was a pretty sincere partner for a devil. Not only did he teach you the Meyer style of swordsmanship, but he had a great number of training plans.

Thanks to Saleos, Lillian practiced until she was practically dead.

‘Did you say I’d fight with orcs next time?’

Lillian’s long, rich black eyelashes trembled. All she knew about orcs was from a Lunar New Year TV movie premiere: “King of the Rings.” Even on her tiny screen, it had awe-inspiring visuals. But having to face an orc and even killing it— terrified her!

Lillian sighed and made up her mind. There was nothing she could do anyway. In the end, practicing was the only way she could live.

No matter how much she told herself it was an illusion created by Saleos, it was too vivid and felt too real. When she was hit or hurt while fighting with a monster, it hurt enough to shout.

Human psychology was bizarre. I was afraid of fighting, but I was more fearful of getting hurt. As a result, I prioritized not getting hurt. Naturally, the fear of battle subsided.

‘You’re really going to be a Sword Master if you keep this up.’

Lillian’s casual look became serious. She really wanted to be a Sword Master. It was the only way that this humble Lillian Rossetti could turn her life around. She later vowed to try negotiating with Saleos again over the issue.

I have to survive this.

Her eyes, remembering how she had been the sidekick her whole life, glowed.

* * *

There was one more thing to bemoan. As soon as Lillian got home, Sam ran out to the front door. A mysterious smile hung over her face. Lillian, who saw this, frowned and interrogated, feeling ominous:

“What’s that look on your face? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Hahaha, miss. Finally, something has come! Ta-da!”

Sam waved a letter that she had held behind her back. Lillian opened her eyes wide and looked at the envelope of the letter. The envelope was sprinkled with luxurious gold leaf and was very dark purple. Given its elaborate design, it wasn’t for everyday use.

“……What is this?”

Lillian reached out to the glittering letter. But she didn’t catch the letter because Sam lifted it away with both hands like a coveted treasure.

With a triumphant look on her face, she shouted at Lillian,

“This must be an invitation to the ball, miss! It’s finally time for you to shine!”


Lillian’s expression cooled.

Objectively judging her situation, she thought there would be no invitations to any ball.

Of course, she was also interested in the ball and society that were common in romance fantasy. Lillian Rossetti was also a young Lady of a Baron family and therefore was qualified to attend the ball. But only qualified. What could she even do at a ball? She didn’t even have a dress—she couldn’t afford it!

To put it bluntly, everyone in South Korea was eligible to join a sports car club. But in reality, very few could join, right? That was Lillian Rossetti’s current situation.

Lillian, who swallowed a sigh, took the invitation from Sam’s hand.

“Don’t make a fuss and go get to work. I’ll take a look at this slowly.”

“Yes, miss! Just let me know whenever you need me. This maid is always ready!”

Sam shook her hips and disappeared down the hallway. After seeing this, Lillian smiled like a stone Buddha and thought,

‘I wish I was as happy as her. Must be nice to be oblivious.’

Anyway, Lillian went into his room and found a paper-knife. Even this tiny blade seemed familiar in her hand.

She seemed to have the qualifications to be a Sword Master.

Lillian, who opened the letter with unfounded confidence, took out the contents and read.

“What? It’s a real invitation—right?”

Of course, it was not an invitation to the ball but an invitation to the betting fighting arena— for the players to ‘dance’ with monsters.

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