YSR – 47

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Lillian looked at Enrique with distant eyes. She was a beginner in this world, and even more so when it came to swordsmanship. It was not known whether Hector Meyer was a person or a style of fencing. Seeing Lillian’s curious look, Enrique explained:

“About two hundred years ago, there was a Sword Master named Hector Meyer. Usually, Sword Masters are not interested in others because they are often immersed in their own training. But Hector Meyer, oddly enough, enjoyed teaching others. In fact, his lessons were very high-level.”

“Oh, I see.”

In sum, he must have been a multifaceted genius.

You’re the type who pretends to teach people and shows off his greatness everywhere, right? This is why geniuses are unlucky.

Enrique explained while Lillian had her own take of Hector Meyer.

“In Hector Meyer’s time, there were many Sword Masters. Most of them were students who Hector himself taught. So they later called their style the “Myeric” or “Meyer” style.

“It’s a style that Sword Masters usually use. That’s wonderful.”

“It was definitely the sword that was popular and in vogue during its time. Unfortunately, after a few years later, everything was lost.”

“What? Why?”

Lillian opened her eyes wide at the unexpected development. Why is the sword so popular that it suddenly disappears? I heard it’s a sword skill used by Sword Masters!

Lillian wanted to be a future Sword Master. This way, she could break out of this boring supporting role and live life grandly as the main character. If you get attention from people, grab wealth and honor, and date nice men, it would be the icing on the cake of life.

Enrique was utterly ignorant of Lillian’s materialistic and worldly mind. He was lost in thought. Then he slowly opened his mouth to explain,

“A few decades after that, a great war broke out. The best Sword Masters of the time who inherited the Meyer style of swordsmanship were killed or maimed in the war. Also, all the texts were burned or lost. Although some of it still remains, and it still is taught, but…… it’s no match in the old days. It’s a pity.”

Enrique said with a beautiful face and a gloomy light. It must have been really regrettable whether it was the Meyer-style sword or something. Lillian was shocked to see it.

‘What, so was what Saleos said was true?’

At first, I thought it was an excuse Saleos used dismissively to escape. But now that I had perspective, he was giving me something incredible. Fencing techniques crafted by Sword Masters that were destroyed two hundred years ago! It was a limited edition special skill that I could not learn by myself even if I wanted to!

Lillian’s heart was pounding at her unexpected luck.

If she followed the teachings of Saleos well, who knows? She could really be a Sword Master. And in an era, she would be the only one who knows how to use the Meyer style!

Lillian, who has lived an ordinary supporting life, was weak at this particular setting.

‘Okay, I’ll work harder from now on!’

Lillian was inwardly very motivated. She was greedy. Because she had never had anything, her desire for success was overwhelming and frank. For this reason, Enrique, who misunderstood Lillian’s burning eyes, gently encouraged her.

“Don’t be too impatient. Your body seems to remember the sword, so if you train a little more, you’ll get your senses back soon.”

“……Thank you. Commander Evans.”

Lillian replied, trembling while inwardly shameless with greed.

Enrique unexpectedly smiled small when he saw her trembling eyelashes. As if Lillian in agony, looked cute.

“As I said last time, when there’s no one around…… You can call me Enrique.”

“Oh, yes, Enrique-nim. Thank you for your kindness.”

Lillian, who remembered what he said last time, hurriedly fixed how she addressed him. Then Enrique nodded as if he was satisfied.

Unlike his noble, refined silver-like, icy appearance, he was a warm-hearted and upright man.

Perhaps that’s why he felt sympathy and goodwill towards Lillian.

“That’s enough training for today. Good work. Are you going home right away?”

Fortunately, Enrique did not seem to find her suspicious.

He seemed to think Lillian, who had forgotten how to fight suddenly did a similar move to the Meyer style. Indeed, the Meyer sword style itself was lost in the first place, so Enrique would have just guessed it.

Lillian, relieved at this, replied with a smile,

“No, I’ll practice a little more. Sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. That’s a great mindset to have. Then, good luck.”

The Enrique’s eyes which were usually stiff slightly bent kindly toward Lillian. He liked hardworking, honest people. In the eyes of Enrique, Lillian was a very good person. Despite her memory loss, it was promising to see her trying hard.

But Lillian harbored different thoughts.


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