YSR – 46

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A sigh came out of her, and a thin string of saliva connecting the two of them shined in the light as he pulled away.

The moment Lillian saw this, her face burned hot. She pulled back awkwardly, away from Saleos. Suddenly, she wondered why her arms and legs seemed to be moving a little differently.

“Now, you’ll be the level of a knight’s apprentice. Try it out.”

Saleos face was languid. Only then did Lillian become alert. What he did was not just kiss, but a kind of ritual that distributed abilities to her. Saleos was just working, but here she was shaken by a kiss and ashamed.

‘But he’s uselessly handsome.’

Sullen, Lillian blamed Saleos for his face. Since she was a former actress, she knew not only Korean but also famous actors worldwide. But no actor was as beautiful as Saleos. He was like a wonderful fantasy, looking at glimmering flames.

Anyway, it was time to check out her newly granted skills. Lillian took a serious stance and swung the sword a few times.

At first, she wondered what had changed. However, the more she swung the sword, the more she began to see its trajectory. An outline of how to hold the sword and which direction to swing, and what posture and moving method suitable came to her mind.


Lillian expressed her pure admiration. It was fortunate that there were no demons like Saleos in modern society. Otherwise, prospective civil servants who fail their tests a few times would have sold all their souls. It was indeed a great power.

“Practice a lot. That way you can progress quickly.”

“Thank you, Mr. Saleos.”

At last, relieved, Lillian smiled. Once this was done, she would be able to pass Enrique’s one-on-one sword training. Enrique must not doubt her.

* * *

‘Don’t be suspicious!’

Lillian looked at Enrique’s eyes facing her. His neat face was stiff. Enrique, who was looking at Lillian with his silver eyelashes flashing several times, murmured as if it was strange.

“I’m sure it’s a move I’ve learned in swordsmanship…….”

“What’s wrong, Commander Evans?”

“Something’s a little off.”

“……… in what way?”

Lillian looked at him with as innocent a look as she could muster and tilted her head. She was performing a really sympathetic performance because she had a lot of stabbing to do. Enrique did not have much doubt thanks to her expression, which was apparently innocent and honest. He spoke out loud, voicing his incomprehension.

“Your movement? It’s like….. It’s not wrong…… but it’s a very traditional style. Do you know it’s a classic way, the remnants of old swordsmanship that was used by knights two hundred years ago?”

I can’t live.

Lillian, who is two hundred years behind the latest swordsmanship trend, was full of dread. [t1v: LAWLLLLL💀]

She practiced and drilled at home before having her first lesson with Enrique today. Although Saleos taught swordsmanship with his ability, she had to rehearse until the technique was natural to make it “true” to herself. But this was the result of exercising until she puked were!

‘Mr. Saleos! Come on out!’

Lillian, who was disgruntled, called him in her heart. Saleos, who responded to the contractor’s call, appeared from behind Enrique with a calm face.

“Oh, I’m sorry about this. As you know, demons live a long time. The swordsmanship I know, it’s the latest—’

‘No, if you’re sorry, that’s it? Do whatever you can!’

Lillian’s cat-like green eyes protested him silently. Since Enrique could not see Saleos, she couldn’t speak out loud. But Salos read enough of his contractor’s intentions with that look alone.

“You don’t seem to know. Unlike flowers that welt and dresses that wear down, swordsmanship is stronger and powerful in its old ways. You will soon understand what I mean.”

Saleos, who smiled languidly, disappeared again like smoke. He was going to sunbathe again. Lillian, looking at his vacancy, closed her eyes silently. It was to endure her rising anger and grievance.


Old ways of fencing were better?

She was afraid of the deceiving, well-delivered word of a demon. Lillian huffed and puffed and swallowed her anger. At this time, Enrique murmured with his thoughts in his eyes.

“It’s bizarre. I feel like you came from the old days of Hector Meier.”

…… What’s that?

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