YSR – 45

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The goblin, whose shoulder was cut by Lillian’s sword, screamed in pain. Then stepped back with the mace he had been wielding aggressively, retreated, and took up a defensive posture. After seeing this, Lillian gained a little confidence.

Although she didn’t know much about swordsmanship, her new body was well-trained for a long time. Here, the goblin was not a difficult opponent because he was small.

The conviction that she was physically stronger than his opponent felt very strange. For a moment, the fear of battle disappeared, and her grip of the sword was heightened.

“Yes, when you win, you’ll have to go all the way.”

Saleos relaxedly advised. Hearing that, Lillian swung the sword in earnest. Because the goblin was shorter than her, she quickly gained the upper hand and swung her sword from the top.



She was able to give him a pretty good blow this time. The goblin, who was stabbed in the side, let out a suffocating scream. Lillian gasped as her sword slashed it. It was terrible to cut deep into the skin of a living creature.

‘Even though it’s so vivid—it’s welcomed. Magic is really amazing.’

The moment Lillian was distracted by the unpleasant sensation left at the end of her sword. The goblin’s eyes suddenly glowed red.


The goblin, who was curled up, pretending to be weak, jumped up and ran toward Lillian, swinging his mace like crazy. It was a desperate final blow, giving up his defense and putting everything on the line to attack.


Surprised by the sudden rush, Lillian screamed and swung the sword like a baseball bat. She blew off the goblin’s neck in a fascinating way. But her self-satisfaction ended early. The goblin, although now headless, still had momentum from its run, so the body and mace bumped against her back against her twisted back from the end of her smooth swing.


Although the mace was crude and blunt, it was still iron. When it smashed against her bones properly, tears came out. Lillian looked at her waist, trembling with pain. There was no blood, but the swelling around it promised to bruise.

Then Saleos with his adviceful tongue, approached her,

“It’s good to be driven, but don’t let your guard down until the end.”

Salos boldly touched her bare skin under her hem. His big hands almost covered Lillian’s waist. As soon as Lillian twisted against the unfamiliar touch, the pain in her lower back disappeared as if it was washed away.


Saleos, who pulled his hand away, immediately stepped back. Lillian looked down at her fine waist with curious eyes. It was amazing to see magic! Like an interested modern person, she expressed her fascination unabashedly.

“Was it an illusion that I got hurt?”

Saleos shrugged instead of answering. Lillian sighed with relief and glanced back toward the goblin, where she had knocked him down. She was not confident of seeing the body whose head she had disconnected, so she only glanced timidly from the corner of her eyes.

But the goblin’s body had already disappeared somewhere. Lillian was relieved to see this.

‘It was really welcomed.’

Still, it was a vivid experience like real-life. The sensation left on her fingertips was so terrible that she was confident she would have a nightmare tonight—that feeling when a sharp steel rod cuts through moving skin, muscles and hits the bone. There was an indescribable sense of revulsion. It was questionable how a butcher could stay sane and get things done.

It was when Lillian looked down at his fingertips and was dazed. Saleos, who pulled her by the shoulder with one hand, kissed her on the head.

“But it wasn’t bad for your first experience. Good job.”

Lillian’s eyes narrowed because his praise somehow sounded frivolous. Of course, he meant her first combat experience, but why did it seem he meant something strangely distinct. Was the devil’s art of speaking so tricky?

Saleos smiled silently when he saw Lillian’s suspicious face. Then he reached out and gently lifted Lillian’s chin. His close face smelled breathtakingly masculine and obscene. Salos whispered softly and deeply as he lowered his eyes at the tip of his nose.

“You’ve practiced well, so let’s share some of your abilities as promised.”

At the same time as the end of the word, a smooth sensation covered her lips. His warm breath tickled her light body hair. His tongue invaded through the gap between her lips. Simultaneously, as saliva containing the taste of lust came over, he tasted her mouth in detail.

Lillian gasped at the draining kiss. She was torn about where to put her hands when he grabbed Lillian’s hands, and with a subtle smile, he put her hand on his body.

Her hands held by Saleos slowly stroked his flexible torso. The feeling of muscles, such as the feeling under her palm and the feeling of a solid waist and sides were fantastic.


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