YSR – 44

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At this point, Chae Soo-Yeon’s soul was going crazy. The more she knew about Lillian Rossetti’s life, the more there was no way out. The family’s on the verge of collapse, the father’s a drunkard, and she’s got to feed the whole family with her own salary, and the boss here is even sexually harassing her! Even if she felt it was dirty and cheap, she couldn’t even quit because she didn’t have money.

At this point, it seemed realistic that Lillian didn’t rebel when the male went to slay her neck. Would it be considered a suicide-like murder? Rather, dying at the male lead’s hands might be more comfortable than life for Lillian. Thinking that it would soon be her future, too, tears started to come out.

“What are you doing standing there?”

At this time, a vast shadow suddenly cast over her head. Surprised, Lillian looked up. There stood a handsome red-haired man with a tall, solid muscular body. He looked into Lillian’s face, blinking his red eyelashes. Soon, a bright smile spread over his golden eyes.

“You smell of depression and despair. It’s so fragrant.”

……I must be stupid. Lillian thought self-despairingly. Saleos was an incredibly sexy man. At first glance, he was reminiscent of a handsome southern Italian model. Of course, upon further study, he was too unrealistically gorgeous to assume he came from Earth.

But I can’t have been fooled by that gorgeous beauty.

He was a tremendous sadist, and the more Lillian suffered, the happier he was. So she gathered up her feelings, not wanting to give Saleos more pleasure than necessary. Lillian, who raised his head, asked him.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be sunbathing?”

“Alas, it’s cloudy today.”

Saleos replied, pointing out the window with his thumb. He was curiously fond of sunbathing. Lillian didn’t know if this was a demonic trait or a personal one for Saleos specifically. Perhaps the only light you can see in hell is from the inferno?

Maybe that’s why he sunbathed every day? Because of this, he completely disappeared during the afternoons. However, it was cloudy today, so he came to Lillian early. Looking down at her, Saleos blinked his long red eyelashes and asked,

“Are you done with your business here?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Then we should get started with ‘practice.’

“Yes, let’s go.”

Saleos laughed as he touched his handsome smiling mouth at Lillian’s innocent answer. Lillian sighed and followed behind him with a sad look. This new life was so hard.

* * *

‘Practice killing monsters!’

She almost felt like dying instead because she didn’t want to do this. Lillian grabbed the sword with an awkward movement. And glared at the vision of a goblin that had been summoned before her.


Goblin’s big-fanged mouth did not close well. So it’s saliva flowed down. He had crinkly green skin, a small body but vast shoulders.

It’s muscle strength seemed relatively strong—seemingly ambiguous combat power.


Rolling around, it shouted threateningly. Then he swung an iron mace out of his hand. Fortunately, it was not long and had a crude form. So Lillian was able to avoid the retreat by jumping backwards.

“How long will you be able just to avoid it? We have to attack.”

Saleos was watching her with his arms folded behind him while he instructed her from behind. He was grinning, amused by Lillian’s poor form against the goblin, who was shorter than her. Fueled by the frustration at being ridiculed, Lillian decided to make a counterattack.

‘Let’s go for it!

Lillian was determined and aimed her sword toward the goblin’s defenseless gap, taking advantage while it swung it’s mace at her. She cut off his defenseless shoulder.

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