YSR – 42

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Are you late because of the milk delivery or something? Lillian pondered seriously. It was already almost lunchtime. Until now, Flanders had not even shown the tip of his nose.

If I knew this would happen, I would have come to work a little late. What a waste of time coming early and just sitting on this sofa by myself.

“Come on, let’s take a break!”

“Good job, everyone! Thank you all for your hard work!”

The morning training of the 4th Knights seemed to have ended just in time. The sweaty men in black scattered with towels or water bottles. Maybe because they warmed up and now drank water, they looked refreshed. Some of them stopped walking when they realized they were approaching the sofa.

Lillian was sitting in the large sofa area, wondering what the hesitancy was about. It was a large spacious place, what was the issue? Soo-Yeon, who had no idea what Lillian used to be like, was puzzled.

At this time, one of them, standing in place and faltering, bravely opened his mouth:

“……Lillian. How are you?”

“Hi. How was your training?”

Chae Soo-Yeon’s soul, who is good at acting, calmly responded to his greeting. She even delivered a cheerful smile. Though she thought she behaved pretty well, the colleagues who received her smile stiffened.

‘Err… what’s wrong with them?’

Lillian was even more baffled. The supporting actor Lillian was rarely described in the original story, so she didn’t know that Lillian’s nickname in the 4th Knights was ‘Stone Lily.’

Whether she wanted it or not, Lillian was quite prominent in the knighthood, where it was full of men. Because of her innocent and elegant appearance, she has received a lot of attention since joining. Several knights crushed on the rational Lillian from the shadows.

However, due to Lillian’s unrelenting rigid and reclusive personality, who knew nothing but the sword, her popularity died down. Lillian, who didn’t laugh or greet much, was spitefully given the nickname ‘Stone Lily.’ It sarcastically illustrated her personality was as monotonous and hard as a stone.

But now, Lillian was suddenly accepting their conversation and laughed. The knights were shocked as if heaven and earth were opening. While they were looking at each other, stunned and flabbergasted, Lillian tilted her head and offered them a seat.

“You must be tired. Sit down. Why are you all of you standing?”

“Oh, yes—I’ll sit down! Of course!”

“Excuse me for a moment!”

They, who were hesitant, soon sat down. The sofa, which was ample until earlier, soon became cramped by men who smelled like sweat.

Lillian, who had just taken the center position in the group, moved her hand, causing the aide’s confirmation card in her hand to make a rustling sound. One of the knights who saw this asked,

“What’s that? A leave application?”

“No, I need the approval to move.”

“… What? You are moving?! Why??”

What’s wrong with him? Lillian looked at her colleague with a curious look. He looked stiff, as if he had been shocked. It seemed like he was afraid of something. As if Lillian had a reason not to leave the 4th Knights.

When she saw the strange reaction of her colleagues, Lillian got an ominous premonition. However, it was already decided, so now it was impossible to change it even more so in situations where you don’t know the specific reason. So Lillian blinked and said nonchalantly,

“I, for the time being, am working as an assistant to the Knights General of Evans. His original aide went on a honeymoon. So I decided to replace him for just a month.”

“Oh, that’s what it is. It’s just a month.”

A colleague who listened to the period made a complicated expression. He seemed to be relieved and felt apologetic. Lillian felt uncomfortable about that.

‘What’s wrong with him? This is weird. I’ll have to talk a little bit more.’

Lillian was about to make up her mind. Suddenly, the entrance was noisy, and the knights stood up one after another and lined up. Perhaps Flanders, the leader of the 4th Knights, arrived.

Lillian’s colleagues, who were sitting on the sofa, also stood up and showed courtesy, and bowed. So Lillian looked around and sneaked a peek between a gap. From far away, she saw a middle-aged man with multi-brown hair approaching her side. Perhaps the man was Flanders.

“Good, everyone seems to have trained hard. You looked great.”

Flanders headed in amongst in a shower of greetings from both sides. Without much thought, Lillian got caught between the other knights and greeted him. At that moment, Flanders suddenly stopped in front of her. And he looked over Lillian with a deep smile on my face.

“Lillian! Your vacation lasted until yesterday. Did you get a good rest?”

“Yes, thank you for your concern!”

“Thank you—Isn’t that obvious? You’re one and only flower of our knighthood.”

Flanders’ eyes glanced up and down Lillian with subtle meaning. As soon as Lillian received that look, Lillian’s expression automatically became hard.

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’

It felt very unpleasant.

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