YSR – 4

Lillian came from a humble baron family. She became a knight early on for her family’s livelihood.

She was a former member of the Royal Knights and started escorting by the highly-precious heroine, Aleyna.

Originally a princess of the Trill Kingdom, she became famous for her outstanding beauty. But her status and beauty didn’t protect her from being sold to the Legonian kingdom. 

From there, the dramatic story of Princess Aleyna begins.

For reference, Lillian was supposed to take on a minor role in the story. The role of quietly guarding Aleyna from behind, while she plays a tug-of-war of love with the admiration of this man and that man.

Lillian wasn’t amused, but she played the role of a badass quite faithfully. 

Then one day, he was caught in the trap of a group that was after Aleyna. 

Faced with danger, Lillian had to defend Aleyna alone.

She fought to defend Aleyna until her whole body was covered with blood, her right eye was blinded, and one shoulder crushed terribly. But all her effort were not enough to defeat that many enemies alone.

Aleyna was kidnapped, and when the male lead heard of it, he was furious. 

He called in Lillian in a rage; they already couldn’t get along. 

“The owner has been kidnapped, how is it that the escort is still alive?” said the coldly smiling male lead. 

Then he raised his sword by hand and slashed down on Lillian’s neck. 

That was it. 

The end of Lillian Rossetti. A knight, with a short and humble minor role. 

After recovering the kidnapped Aleyna, he kissed her deeply, whispering undying love and vowing never to let her go again. 

Aleyna responded to his declaration of love by wetting her pretty face with tears. 

While this beautiful couple got married, had children, and lived happily, no one mentioned the poor Lillian Rossetti.

It was as if such a person didn’t even exist in the first place

That’s why Chae Su-Yeon, who possessed Lillian’s body, was so angry.

The male lead was a scumbag and originally OG trash of personalities, but at least Aleyna shouldn’t have treated her as such. 

Lillian’s death scene wasn’t manufactured to cause sadness but just a production to show the depth of the male protagonist’s fury and love for Aleyna. 

Poor Lillian Rossetti’s death was just that. A poor plot device.

Chae Su-Yeon, who remembered this, gritted her teeth. 

Deep anger rose from inside my heart.

What? That miserable death is my destiny? Who the hell is dying like that, and for who? I’ll never die like that!’

I would rather stab and kill all the characters. 

I’d rather eat and live on my own. 

As she was eating, she thought bitterly. 

Because of this, I unintentionally bent the silver fork in my hand.

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  1. Thank you for updating. And wow the ML is a total jerk. Instead of getting mad at her why didn’t he ask where the other bodyguards went since she had to fight ALONE.

  2. Oh yeah, I sensed it since chapter 1, that the ML was one of those trashy scumbags.

    I’m so glad he’s gonna be played, the scene when he killed Lillian without 2nd thought made my blood boil, and let’s not forget his thoughts in the 1st chapter about her either. โ˜

    Ty for the chapters ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Damn not the humble baron family… They at least should have give her a Viscount or Count family background because humble baron title is nearly a commoner… Thx for the translation~~

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