YSR – 36

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How can I not know about Billions? This is where Aleyna, who was kidnapped in the original book, was sold as a slave.

Aleyna, who was sold to a cult, almost became a sacrifice for a demon. But after becoming the devil’s contractor with her heroine buff, she returned safely to the royal palace. Naturally, the male protagonist held on to Aleyna, whispered vows of love and protection, and then heard about her hardships. The next move, of course, led to the punishment of Billions, who was involved in Aleyna’s enslavement.

After reminiscing, Lillian looked up at the sparkling exterior, a new emotion rising up within her.

‘It won’t be long before this place gets raided.’

Yes, about a year from now, Billions would be ransacked and ruined by that deary male lead. In a way, this place had a lot in common with Lillian Rossetti. The timing and reason for being pillaged by the protagonist were very similar.

‘Aleyna…. this girl is the problem.’

Why did she get kidnapped? Damn it. Lillian gritted her teeth.

Somehow she felt a strong bond with these illegal private lenders. She hoped that this bond could help solve her auction problem.

Taking a deep breath, she walked in proudly.

“The manager will arrive soon. Please wait a little longer before that.”

“Oh, yes.”

“What would you like to drink? Black tea? Herb tea? I’ll bring you some milk if you want.”

“Then, some tea, please.”

The receptionist was too kind. Lillian smiled awkwardly at his hospitable reception. It was his professional spirit that impressed her until one uncomfortable interaction.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk what a poor young lady.”

Why are you muttering to yourself? Pitying people…

Lillian looked at the back of the retreating male employee with a puzzled look. She was mistaken. He didn’t seem to have a professional mindset but rather a mind full of sympathy. His face had frozen as soon as he heard that Lillian had come to talk with the manager.

‘Umm… his reaction was unusual.’

Was the manager really dirty? Was it hard to speak to them? Well, it wouldn’t be possible to be thoughtful, compassionate, or kind if you were the head of Billions, making a living off of being a loan shark.

Lillian became nervous while waiting. It was her first experience at a loan company. Naturally, her frail—and already overextended nerves were on edge.

I wish Sam was here was next to me at a time like this. Or maybe Saléos…….



Lillian raised her head at the languid voice from the opposite side. In the drawing-room where she was waiting, Saleos appeared in the seat where the manager would sit across from her. He was half-laying down languidly on the sofa, smiling at Lillian. His eye-catching beauty enchanted her eyes.

“Why did you call me?”

“I didn’t call you.”

With his unexpected appearance, taken off-guard, Lillian unwittingly pretended to be innocent. Dazed and overwhelmed, she looked away to gain focus. Saleos nodded nonchalantly when he heard her lie.

“Then, I can’t.”

“……do you happen to hear the voice of my heart?”

Lillian asked him with a severe expression when she gathered her wits. She was an ordinary citizen who had never associated with entertainers, celebrities, or social media stars in her previous life.

But I can’t believe I’m in a relationship with the devil!

In fact, Saleos was more precious than top-class stars. So Lillian was very cautious. She was confused about how to treat him.

Fortunately, Saleos seemed unable to read her mind. He muttered, his chin on the armrest of the sofa like a lazy cat.

“No, I just hear the contractor calling.”

“Ah, I see.”

In this way, she was found out. Lillian’s cheeks blushed, and she coughed—trying to clear her throat from embarrassment. Saleos was watching her with interest when he suddenly turned his head. His golden eyes focused on the door.

‘Are you here?’

Saleos was a perceptive demon. Lillian looked at the door with bated breath. Sure enough, the luxurious gold-plated door slowly opened. And it was the presence of the so-called ‘Manager’ that appeared between the open doors.

Lillian’s green eyes opened wide when she first saw him.

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