YSR – 32

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“Stop it! Not today, but later, I… Let’s do it again later.”

“When is later?”

Saleos asked again, tirelessly. What an unexpected response. Lillian paused, curious that this demon respected her wishes and listened to her. Because he was a demon, she thought he would take her right now.

I thought you were going to satisfy your greed. It is surprising. So she decided to try to argue a little more.

“I’m going to give you my first time anyway. But now, um…… ’cause I need some preparation—my mindset needs a moment. Hold on a minute, please. What?”

“Okay, but my patience isn’t that great. Remember?”

Saleos warned with a smiling face. Somehow it was a chilling remark. Feeling anxious about this, Lillian nodded silently and opened his mouth.

“I’ve got to go home now.”

Saleos clapped his hands twice at her words. Then the surrounding landscape melted away like watercolors. She was standing at the entrance to the Rossetti mansion.

“I can’t help but be amazed by magic everytime I witness it.’

Lillian looked around and managed to keep herself from gawking. But without a moment to gather her thoughts, someone rushed out of the mansion.

“Lady Lillian!”

It was none other than Sam who hastily ran towards Lillian like a wild boar. Lilian, who saw her, was taken aback.

‘Oh no, I can’t run into you now!’

Standing next to Lillian was a half-naked relaxed Saleos. What would Sam think about this? She would be in disbelief that a lady who was out all night came back with a sexy guy! It was a scene that would invite scandal and suspicion.

In particular, Sam was noisy and spoke easily. Saleos grinned when he saw Lillian’s eyes shaking in embarrassment.

“Don’t worry. No one can see me except you.”

A sensual handsome man like Saléos boasted a mad presence even a hundred meters away. But in Sam’s eyes, only Lillian was visible. She did not even look at Saléos, but suddenly grabbed Lillian’s hand.

“Are you all right, miss? Are you hurt anywhere? What about the master? What happened after that?”

Lillian shut her mouth and stared at Sam’s face. She had been knocked out by Herbert’s blows that struck her head. Because of this, one of Sam’s cheekbones had a black bruise. Her visage looked very pitiful.

Even so, Sam seemed to be worried about Lillian. Lillian, who encountered Sam’s eyes full of worries, was strangely relaxed. Of course, it would be “real” Lillian that Sam would be worried about, but she couldn’t figure out that she was a different person regardless.

“I’m fine, Sam. I gave my father some money, and he quickly left afterwards.”

Lillian lied without even applying saliva to her lips. Considering Sam didn’t mention anything about “blood” or a “body,” Saleos seemed to have done a good job of cleaning up. If so, Lillian also had to act accordingly. Her improv training took over; she instinctively and instantly responded to her counterpart’s performance without even knowing her lines.

“That’s a relief, milady. I’m so glad.”

Fortunately, Sam did not doubt her words. Sam grabbed Lillian’s hand with both hands, repeated the same thing like a fool. Only then did a smile spread on her face. It was a burdensome smile that flirts with coral gums.

Seeing that, Soo-Yeon thought she would slowly become attached to such a smile. So Lillian hated herself a little. She didn’t want to be attached to Sam. So she turned her head around in a hurry.

“It’s chilly this morning. Let’s go in now.”

“Yes, miss! I’ll bake you a whole duck for dinner!”

What? Grilled ducks in the morning?! Lillian’s expression was distorted. She was an ordinary Korean who used to pour water into half a bowl of rice for breakfast. But here was a suggestion to push duck into this empty stomach. Just thinking about it made her feel like vehemently vomiting.

But Lillian’s body seemed to think differently. As a knight, her metabolism was unnecessarily enthusiastic, and her stomach was ravenously hungry. Since morning, she could eat a whole duck.

‘I can’t live.’

Lillian shrugged her shoulders and trudged into the mansion. The first place she went to was her bedroom. It wasn’t to take a break, but it was she was concerned about whether Saleos “really” did a good job of cleaning up.


The bedroom door opened weakly. Peeking through the gap, she spied the floor that was clean without a drop of blood or a drop of ash. Of course, there were no smashed skulls or burned bodies. Lillian was dazed at her peaceful bedroom as if nothing had happened.

“Do you like it?”

Lillian looked back with a startled look at the voice coming from above her head. Saleos, a head taller than her, smiled, with a shirt that showed off his chest. He seemed to be very self-satisfied with his “cleaning” work.

His pale white skin and muscular body seemed to be out of place, but it shone remarkably. Ironically, the moment she saw his unrealistic beauty, it finally hit Lillian:

I really made a contract with the devil.

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