YSR – 31

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Lillian, who saw this, sighed and asked Saléos:

“Do I have to pay for every request?”

“One request and one price. Isn’t that fair?”

Saleos asked back as he raised his naked upper body. His sleek neckline, broad shoulders, and solid muscles were literally breathtaking. Lillian, who had been distracted by his body, suddenly realized.

‘Ah, so this is how the demons do business?’

Demons bewitch the eyes, and when their opponent is distracted with their splendid beauty, they secretly control the situation and manipulate the situation to their advantage. Indeed, it was sly and clever. Lillian opened her mouth, vowing not to look at Saleos as much as possible.

“But the price varies depending on the degree of request, right? The price of easy and difficult requests are not the same.”

“That’s true.”

“What I’m requesting you to do is not a difficult request. For about an hour, you can turn into Herbert and walk around the town. It would be nice to see as many people as possible. What price should I pay if it’s such an easy request?”

Lillian emphasized how light the labor would be in her question. Saleos seemed to think for a moment and unexpectedly answered:

“I’ll do you a special favor.”


Lillian’s face became clouded as Saleos said he would help her for free. As far as she was concerned, demons were never the kind who did good. Her suspicion was greeted with an amused sneer on Saleos’ red lips.

“Of course. Isn’t there something else you want me to ask? You must be curious about something.”

The devil, who stole all her memories, was relaxed. She recalled a problem that she had forgotten and sighed.

‘Freaking swordsmanship training.’

Damn, Lillian had to start fencing with Enrique immediately next week. Lillian was a knight who had trained all her life. No matter what, she had no choice but to remind her body of its fencing knowledge somehow—that is if she was going to pass as the ‘real’ Lillian.

But Chae Ji-Yeon in Lillian’s body was also ‘real’ in a different sense. Her soul made her a beginner. Chae Soo-Yeon’s sword technique was only seen in “Lord of the Rings,” which she binged watched when it was broadcasted during a Lunar New Year’s special. So Chae Soo-Yeon’s first training session would be sloppy. Enrique would suspect her.


Her head became complicated; Lillian buried her face in bed with a groan and asked, glancing sideways at Saleos.

“Hey…um, you know… How much would I have to pay to improve my sword skills?”

“It depends on how much advancement you want.”

Saleos responded with a mysterious look. Lillian bit her lips when she heard his response. She wanted to survive. Her fate as a supporting role, cut short while standing behind the main character, she found disgusting. She had no desire to live and die like that here.

But in order to escape from her supporting role, she needed remarkable strength. Unfortunately, Lillian had no particular merit. Her face was pure and pretty, but she was nothing compared to Aleyna, the most beautiful woman ever. Even her family was not great or capable.

The only thing worth mentioning was swordsmanship. In any novel, a Sword Master was an outstanding talent and was treated with respect. Such a role was too significant to be used as a sidekick. Lillian decided to focus on this point.

“Saleos. Do you happen to… Can you make me a Sword Master?”

Lillian brazenly asked, knowing it was a shameless question. Then Saleos laughed instead of answering. Lillian sighed when she saw his face, which was full of ridicule.

“Okay, I’ll pay in installments and improve my skills step by step. Let’s do it. I’ll keep paying the price, so please improve my sword skills accordingly. Even if I can’t become a Sword Master, my skills will be pretty excellent someday, right?

“You will pay in installments? What does that mean?”

“I mean, I’m just going to split up and pay off my debt in small portions.”


Saleos nodded roughly. As a demon, he wasn’t interested in small and petty balances. Instead, he asked Lillian outright without shame.

“So, when are you going to give me your first time?”


“You were supposed to give it to me yesterday, but you fell asleep.”

“Well, that’s….”

“Did my tongue feel that good?”

Saleos asked with his handsome face close, tilting his head coyly. A red tongue could be seen between his lips, showing his white teeth. It had been lustfully sucking between her legs yesterday. The moment she saw this, Lillian couldn’t stand it anymore, and her face turned red.


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    1. Same, the demon is my fav, I hope he’s the ML 🤞.

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