YSR – 30

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“Ah, I see…… Was your body’s name Lillian Rossetti?”

Mumbling, Saleos hugged her shoulder and buried his face on the back of her neck. His hot breath touched her, and the soft body hair on her neck stood on edge. Saleos mumbled, with his lips just hovering above her skin, touching the fluff.

“The memory of your first murder seems intense? The smell of fear and guilt still prevails around you. I like it.”

No wonder. Lillian rolled her eyes and murmured inwardly. She wanted to push Saleos off over her, but she was still a little scared of him.

Saléos was also a capricious, cruel demon. He wouldn’t kill her recklessly now that Soo-Yeon was his contractor, but she didn’t know when he would change his mind.

So Lillian deliberately asked a light question to relax. “By the way, how did you know Sir Enrique and turn into him?”

“Is his name Enrique? I saw that face in your head, and it was quite stunning. Do you like him?”

Lillian didn’t bother to answer such a ridiculous question. Instead, her eyes narrowed when she noticed something strange about Saleos words.

“……did you go through my memory? While I was sleeping?”

Lillian’s heart sank. If that’s the case, Saleos might have found out. The fact that this world is in a novel. So what the hell was going to happen? Wouldn’t he have a mental breakdown due to his worldview collapse?

Saleos removed his lips from her neck and watched her. His golden eyes surrounded by red eyelashes were beautiful enough to give her goosebumps. Fortunately, the answer that came out of his mouth was very optimistic.

“No, I just peeped at your dream. Unless the contractor allows it, we can’t steal memories.”

“Ah. I see.”

It was a relief. But when you saw my nightmare, you turned into Enrique’s face and tried to make fun of me! It was really a bad taste. Lillian, who suddenly didn’t want to talk to him, answered shortly.

Saleos was amused as she gave him the cold shoulder and smiled. And slowly opened his mouth,

“While you were asleep yesterday, I disposed of the body. I’m sure even if God himself were to look for it, he wouldn’t be able to find a single fingernail.”

Lillian, who recalled Herbert’s forgotten body, looked stunned. ‘I can’t believe you killed someone and forgot to clean up.’ Her own insensitivity was surprising. Lillian muttered, looking back at his unfamiliar appearance.

“I don’t know what’s going on with me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just unfamiliar with myself. Since I came here, I’ve been…… it’s not what it used to be. Sometimes I feel like I’ve become a different person. And then yesterday I killed a man.”

Lillian, who had finished speaking, covered her head in agony. Saleos spoke, curious at her agonized appearance,

“There’s nothing strange. It’s because of the thoughts and will left in the body.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“The original owner of the body, didn’t she have a pretty tough life? The body is full of negative energy. Many traces of a soul enduring pain and suffering. It’s an aged, mature prey that the devil loves.”

Lillian opened her lips at the unexpected remark. It was certainly what Saleos said. Lillian, the original, took care of her father and served as de facto head of the Rossetti family. With a sincere personality, she could not even think to throw away her responsibilities. She remained firmly in his place, served as a knight, and sucked up to high blood. Eventually, she even died as a bridesmaid for the heroine.

But I can’t believe Lillian’s thoughts were still here. No wonder I wanted to beat Herbert since the first moment I saw him. Maybe this emotion was the true dark feelings that Lillian kept inside?

Saleos’ explanation supported her suspicions.

“Well, as you can see, the body seems to like you very much. Because you are doing something that she would never have done but wanted to do. It’s what we call a good match.”

Lillian looked at his smiling face with a shudder.

She was confused about whether this was good or not. When she killed Herbert, was the true soul of Lillian rejoicing and watching her from somewhere? It made her feel strange to think so.

Anyway, it was a relief that Saleos did a good job cleaning after the murder. However, there were some uncomfortable parts left. Asked Lillian, who was frowning and thinking hard,

“Saleos. Can you change into my father’s image, too?”

“Of course.”

He lay on the bed, propping his chin and his hand, and laughed. It was a beautiful smile that made her eyes dizzy. After he turned into a human and smiled surprisingly well. Lillian barely managed to take her eyes off his face before she went blind.

“Well, if… if you don’t mind, a few days later, could you turn into my father and……can you walk around?”

Lillian had planned to use his transformational abilities to create an alibi of sorts of things. A father who suddenly went missing after a bitter quarrel with his daughter. It would be obvious that Lillian was the culprit!

She felt the need to manipulate the timing of her father’s disappearance in case of suspicion. But Saleos did not answer her request.

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