YSR – 3

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Her name, the soul who possessed Lilian’s body, was Chae Sang-yeon. 

Well, like most of them, Chae Sang-yeon had a history of living. 

I encountered various kinds of joys and sorrows—the experiences that we undergo as human beings. 

How can a person’s life be summed up in a couple of words?

But in the case of introverted and dull Yeon, it was possible. 

Bridesmaid, sidekick or supporting role. That was her inevitable fate.

‘It’s a pathetic life.’

She was born as the second child to three siblings, the middle child. 

Her parents were neglectful towards her, instead focused on the achievements of the eldest son or the cute youngest daughter.

Meanwhile, So-yeon* (*her nickname?) tried to earn their praise by taking care of her younger sister and accepting the hand-me-downs from her older brother. 

Ultimately she became invisible. She didn’t feel like a family member, but rather like an awkward mother-in-law. 

That was the setting of Chae Sang-yeon’s so-called “Jolly Life.”

She didn’t know, but her first friend was her mother’s friend’s daughter. While going to elementary, middle and high schools together with her, Chae-yeon’s nicknames became ‘maid’ or ‘servant.’ Her so-called friend, she encouraged those nicknames behind her back instead of stopping it—thinking herself a princess with a servant attending her.

So-yeon became interested in theater and started volunteering in after-school activities, naively cherishing her dream of becoming an actress. 

She ended up entering a renowned theatre program. 

She later evaluated her decision at that time:
It was a waste of money.

Why are there so many pretty and wealthy people in the world? Sang-yeon was confident that her acting skills would shine through.  

Frankly, her acting skills were the only thing she had going for her, so it was a skill she honed with passion and perfection.

However, the opportunity to display her hard work and talent was only given in the form of supporting roles and minor characters. 

I had to be ridiculously pretty to get a chance.

Unfortunately, So-yeon wasn’t born with a silver spoon. 

I paid my tuition by working part-time, so I didn’t even have money for plastic surgery. 

Opportunities dried up. The only roles that Chae Sang-yeon were offered were 2-line roles or extra work. 

I couldn’t give up even though I knew it was a pipe dream, and I knew I would struggle my whole life. 

Chae Sang-yeon continued to pursue acting while juggling part-time jobs to survive. 

Maybe, someday, I can become a stable supporting actress.

But even that seemed too lofty a goal. 

One day, she got into an accident on her way to a public audition. 

And when I opened my eyes, I was in the book. 

Again, I was a petty supporting actor.

“Damn it.”

Rough words protruded from So-yeon—or rather, Lillian’s lips. 

Anyone who is quick-witted would have already guessed, but the audition she was going to see on the day of the accident was “The Princess Aleyna.” 

Not only do I know the storyline, but I also looked up the original novel. So-yeon, who had no money or a face, had to make such efforts to win a minor role. But she didn’t know that her dedication would come back to stab her in the back.

If I was forced to come into a novel world, why couldn’t I also be the main character!?

Just once, I wanted to be the center of attention. 

However, Chae’s wish did not come true. Again. 

As always.

Yeah, it’s never gonna happen. Being a supporting role is perfect for you. 

Chae Sang-yeon seemed to hear fate sneering and mocking me. 

Her desperate eyes sank silently. 

I was at a loss of what to do in the future. If I could, I would borrow the devil’s hand. 

Lillian Rossetti was destined to die only a year later by the hand of a young man. Rumen.


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