YSR – 28

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After he finished speaking, he casually climbed onto the bed. Then he laid down Lillian’s shoulder. In an instant, a solid man’s body rose above her body and weighed her down. Lillian trembled with the feeling that she had become fragile prey. In fact, from the point of view of the demon, Saleos, she would look like a piece of cake.

“Shh, you need to relax.”

Saleos’ golden eyes came close and curved into a smile.

His beautiful eyes, at first glance, were fascinating but had a sharp, predator-like energy.

Saleos opened her legs as he looked down at Lillian.

“You’re wet.”

As soon as his words pierced through her eardrums, Lillian’s face heated up.

Even in her past life she had never dated. Perhaps that’s why she was so ashamed in this situation where her legs were spread wide open in front of a man.

However, Saleos bent down without giving her a chance to close her legs.

With his tongue sticking out, he licked up her red-soaked pussy and stabbed her clitoris with his tongue. His tongue was indeed hellishly hot and as thick as the devil. So whenever the tip of his tongue poked at her vaginal mouth, her body tingled and bounced automatically.

It was only his appearance that changed, but his essence was demonic, and even though she knew it, she felt so good that her head went blank.

“Ah, uh…ungh”

“It tastes like fruit. Very sweet.”

Between her legs, his hot tongue rolled her puffy clitoris around.

Every time he did that, her head was pounding, and her legs shook. There was a stream of sticky honey flowing from her entrance.

Then, smiling, Saleos grabbed her thighs and pushed his tongue inside her vaginal opening.

“Oh, no! When you come in, ·······!”

He didn’t even pretend to hear her protests and pressed in and sucked her the inner wrinkles and lips. Digging in and out of the sensitive vagina, he sucked it in and out. Obscene, dirty noises rang in her ears as his tongue stirred and churned her entrance.

Lillian gasped in tears under his ruthless and unrelenting caresses. The soft yet elastic tongue poked and licked her inner wall.

What an overwhelming pleasure—she had no idea that there was such a feeling in the world.

She felt herself losing control and becoming dumb to this overwhelming pleasure.

“Ha, Aah, Ahhh ······!!”

Lillian eventually reached her climax with a cry with his rush of ministrations.

Hot, white liquid came out flowing down. The tips of my feet seemed to float and tingle with a strange sense of floating.

The sensitive body trembled and drooped on the red sheets. But Saleos didn’t take his tongue off her vagina. Rather, he had been more active stirring her insides, as if it had been a joke until now.

He swallowed all the honey flowing from her lips and teased his tongue tenaciously as if he was going to suck the inside out. As if he was trying to taste the climax she felt.

“Ah— no! You’re still —? Ah! I can’t…!”

The pleasure was twisting her mind.

Lillian twisted her body, crying, pleading, and begging, but she couldn’t get out of the demon’s grasp.

The long, hot tongue dug into her twitching inner folds and poked her obscenely.

Sucking on her tingling clitoris, he gently rubbed his teeth; it was an overwhelming sensation of pleasure infused with a sense of cruelty.

Lillian, who eventually reached her peak over and over again and again, was now half asleep. She couldn’t speak properly; her arms and legs drooped as she panted.

Saleos, his eyes thick with lust, murmured in a satisfied voice.

“Now, you’re hot enough to eat.”

Bending down, he raised Lillian’s ass and lifted his upper body. Then he bowed his head and kissed the back of her ear.

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