YSR – 26

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Both were shocking unconventional choices. It meant that whatever Lillian chose—they both sucked. At least for Lillian.

Her expression crumpled. Saleos, who saw this, slowly added an explanation:

—It takes energy for a demon to be present in the human world. So most of the time, we use the contractor’s soul as an energy source. If it’s unavailable, the next best thing to have is to take a very intense emotional energy form as food. The best thing to evoke such feelings is slaughter and sex.

“Uh ·······I see.”

—Still, it’s a humble price compared to the soul. Because of this, I will also have limitations in exercising my power.

Lillian nodded silently. If the input is weak, then the output would be weak, unless the soul is taken away… that much should be taken into account.

Maybe this demon, Saléos, seemed to be better than she thought. Of course, it was a little bit clumsy, but she appreciated the attitude of meticulously informing people of the warnings before signing a contract. Most of the time, con artists manipulated people by pressing and asking, “Don’t you trust me?” and they didn’t show the contract properly and instead pushed you to just stamp it with your seal.

This demon was an extremely honest business partner.

—Have you decided? Murder or sex. Which one will you choose?

Lillian sighed before answering. Both were terrible choices, but she couldn’t help it. With her eyes tightly closed, she spit out boldly:

“I’ll pay in both. It’s just a matter of time. Can I do that?”


Saleos cackled again; he found her interesting again. It seemed that he did not expect such an answer. He managed to hold back his laughter, shaking a little. And he nodded his head to say yes.

Lillian looked at the demon in front of her eyes with a melancholy gaze.

The demon had dark red skin that reeked of sulfur. His head had large horns, and its nails were sharp like a beast. His face with the dreadful fangs did not look human, even though he spoke intellect words.

‘But I can’t believe I have to do that with this devil!’

Lillian was about to cry. It wasn’t easy to deal with demons. Especially paying the price. There was nothing easy, murder, or sex. But there was only one reason I chose both. Just in case I needed a backup.

Lillian was determined to pay the price with the other if she was in a  difficult situation to pay. It was safe to use as many means of payment as possible. Didn’t modern society do that in the first place? We use debit cards, but we use credit cards just in case. Then if one is stuck, you can pay with the other.

—Good. What’s your name?

“This is Lilian Rossetti,” Lillian replied with her eyes downcast.

But Saleos smiled coldly and flatly refused her answer.

—That must be the name of the ‘body.’ You changed the framework of my contract, using your soul from another world as an excuse. But isn’t it cowardly to name the husk instead of the soul now?

Just in case. As expected, her trick was caught. The soul of Chae Soo-Yeon in Lillian’s body became sad. I was going to sign a contract under Lillian’s name just in case. Then even if there’s a problem with the contract, Chae Soo-Yeon herself would be safe. But things couldn’t go around that easily. She finally sighed and opened her mouth.

“My name is Soo-Yeon. It’s Chae Ji-Yeon, ·········.”

—Good. I, Saleos, will take you on as my contractor from now on. I will give you the strength of a warrior and the ability to seduce others. In return, Chae Soo-Yeon, you have to pay me the price of slaughter and sex. Do you agree?

“I agree.”

—This establishes our contract. My contractor from another world, Chae Ji-Yeon. 

Fresh energy seemed to penetrate her body. Lillian looked down. Her white skin was blazing red, giving off a subtle glow. At the same time, there was a strange wetness between her legs.

My body relaxed, and my head became numb, making it difficult to even stand properly.

‘What’s wrong with me all of a sudden?’

It was the moment when Lillian was embarrassed by her body’s unknown reaction. Salos led his great body and stepped over the magic circle for the first time. The magic circle, which played a role as a fence, would no longer lock up the devil. It was because he now had a medium of contractors.

Saleos, who walked out, looked down at Lillian, who was not even close to his chest, and smacked his lips. There was an indelible desire in his eyes.

—Well, let’s get the first price of the contract.

Now? Here? It’s my first time! Lillian’s eyes shook. She quickly protested, pointing her finger at Herbert’s body left inside the magical circle.

“However, I have already offered a sacrifice ········.”

—That is the price for summoning the devil, not the cost of the contract.

In other words, Herbert’s body was only an admission fee, but there was a separate fee.

Lowering his back, bowing over to reach her, he wrapped his arms around Lillian’s waist. His mouth was at her waist, so the upper body seemed to be encircled around her. She felt an overly hot body temperature from the approaching demon who came close. Scared of this sudden situation, Lillian pushed his arm and shouted:

“But it’s my first time ·········!”

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