YSR – 25

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Lillian slowly approached the magic circle. His eyes followed her with a tenacious hot gaze, painstakingly observing her every move.

Trying to ignore it, she knelt in front of the magic circle. Then she swept up her messy black hair. It was for a moment that her white fingers penetrated between her hair.


She felt a tremendous pain with the unpleasant touch of her hair being ripped off her scalp.

Apparently, the grip was a handful, but not many were actually pulled out. But at the end of the hair, there was a little blood on the pieces of torn scalp.

‘This should be enough.’

Hair, flesh, blood. It was a perfect body sample. Lillian threw it into the magic circle in the most polite manner she could manage.

Saleos opened his eyes wide and looked down at her bloody hair falling at his feet. He stood in place and remained silent, seemingly unwilling to pick it up.

Lillian was nervous. It was impossible to know how the fickle and evil devil would react. Are you angry? If he wanted to go wild and kill her, there’s nothing Lillian could do.

But Saleos’ next move was unexpected.

—…. Ha, ha, ha! Hahaha!

He crouched down and laughed. Stomping his feet as if it was too funny to bear. Then he picked up Lillian’s hair, which fell at his feet, and surprisingly swallowed it in one bite!

After seeing this, Lillian tried to hold back her nausea. The demon closed his red eyes and savored the taste in his mouth. Soon after, his hoarse voice uttered a nasty exclamation.

—It sure smells very foreign. I’ve swallowed the souls of the humans, but I’ve never tasted this before.

······ should I say thank you? Lillian’s face was stiff.

Saleos, who looked over to her as he stood up taller, murmured with glistening eyes.

—What an exciting human being. You’re smart, you’re bold, and above all, you’re a soul from another world! You are very fresh.

“Thank you. If you sign a contract, I’ll try not to disappoint you.”

After all, the trend was to have a mutually beneficial agreement. It was too old-fashioned to have one side forced to sign you.

Lillian stole a glimpse at Herbert’s mop-like body and appealed to her usefulness. If she couldn’t sign the contract, that could easily be her.

Fortunately, the capricious demon seemed to like her attitude. He nodded with a grotesque smile that seemed to tear his mouth off his face.

—Good. I’ve never had such a soulless contract, but I’ll make a special exception.

“Thank you,” said Lillian, feeling relief sweeping down her chest, allowing her to release a breath she didn’t know she was holding. But it’s not over yet. Asked Saleos, who blinked on his thin eyelids,

—Then tell me, summoner. What price are you going to pay me instead of your soul?

Indeed, this was the hurdle behind the hurdle—she managed to protect her soul, but there was still the price to pay.

Lillian pondered what she might have. But money and family seemed to mean little to the devil. Well… there was nothing to give in the first place.

In this case, it was better to allow the opponent to propose. Lillian tried to be as cooperative as she could and asked him politely:

“Because I’m just a human being, and I don’t know what’s worth to the great demon…. If you don’t mind, could you give some examples to this foolish mortal?”

Her words and expressions were only polite, but she slyly with a polite question passed the ball in the opponent’s court. You tell me a few things. Then I’ll choose among them.

Saleos, who seemed to be having a little fun, now looked a little repulsed. He fiddled with his slightly crumpled wings in the magic circle and soon opened his mouth.

—Murder and sex.


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  1. well, she didn’t kill bc she wanted, so she doesn’t think of herself as a murderer… but I’m pretty sure, If she chooses the 2nd option, he will turn into a hunk, bc readers want to taste sugar not dirt, amiright? lol

    thanks for the chapter!

  2. Both seem like a convenient price considering her position both presently and in the world as a whole. It’s a given devil boy will be gorgeous in humanoid form, and taking down the people who would use her and throw her away is also a must. With her foreknowledge of future events and peoples secrets, she could get some extra work out of the devil. He’ll probably be quite entertained by finding out all the things she knows.

  3. I vote for the 2nd because I agree, she’s not a murder, she just tried to protect herself. And I agree x 2, I bet the demon will have tons of fun by seeing her. 😹😹😹

  4. I think I like this devil both option are nice in my opinion. she could be a bad ass with murder or sex. This is taking a strange yet fun turn of events.
    Thank you for translating this beautiful art piece .☺️

  5. Well maybe she can still learn to be a knight. She can kill enemies that way and then she can just have a lot of snusnu with the ML if both conditions need to be met.

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