YSR – 23

Puzzled, Lillian looked at the madly cackling demon.

Is he insane? But is being crazy a normal state of a demon’s emotions?

There was no way to categorize these actions.

Either way, the devil laughed his heart out. After breathing heavily, he finally wiped away his tears and straightened his back.

There was an intellectual glow in his eyes and on his face, in which before only emanated the aura of a ferocious beast. But it was still the face of a monster.

—Oh, I’m sorry about this. It’s been a long time since I’ve been summoned to the human world, so I wanted to play a prank and tease you a bit.

Lillian quickly lowered her eyes. Otherwise, it seemed that the devil would know the hunger in her eyes. It was fortunate that she knew how to manage her facial expressions perfectly.

The devil, who had not noticed anything, opened his mouth in a casual tone.

—Let me introduce myself first. My name is Saleos. It’s one of the 72 demons of the demon world.

This was definitely better than before. He neither revealed his teeth nor made a hostile cry. Besides, he has politely stated his name. Of course, it’s not a real name, but at least it meant he was willing to talk to her.

But Lillian felt something became more dangerous now. It was an inexplicable chilling sensation.

It’s the fear that you feel when you see something that is not a person behaving like a human being. You might feel this way if you inadvertently went down to the living room one night, and a faceless mannequin was sitting on your couch reading the newspaper.

—Well, then, let’s hear why you summoned this body. And why you murdered the lord with your own hands.

A smiling Saleos, showing his fearsome fangs, took a step closer. Lillian was startled and took a step back from him.

Although Saleos was trapped in a magic circle, he was intimidating  because of his overwhelming visuals. Above all, what Saleos just said pierced Lillian’s chest.

‘The one who murdered the lord.’

Saleos managed to have realized that it was Lillian’s father that he had been trampling on. The devil was the devil, whether or not he was polite and could not be trusted.

I recalled the description of Ifos, the devil that Aleyna had summoned. Honestly, I was afraid.

Soo-Yeon, from the common-sense world of Korea, was now facing the unprecedented existence of the devil in a fantasy world. He had a very terrifying appearance, and he had a horrible hoarse voice.

Even under his feet, the dead Herbert’s body was being repeatedly stepped on, turning into a very dreadful skeleton.

But if I admitted I was scared and said, ‘Okay, then I’ll leave. Good-bye.’ That was the route of death. The angry devil would snatch me right away and chew me up.

So Lilian opened her mouth, pretending to be calm.

“The reason I called you…. is because I want to be your contractor.”

—My name is Saleos, a valiant warrior who leads the 30 legions of the Magi in the demon world, and I can give my contractor the magic that controls power and lust. To be my contractor, you must dedicate your soul to me. Forsake your God and serve me from now on. Do you agree?

Saleos laughed as if he had been waiting for the contract. There seemed to be a business of hell overflowing in that black pit of a mouth. Perhaps if she promised to give her soul, she could soon swim in another sea of fire after an early death.

Not only that, but my dim memories recalled stories where the devil deliberately put the contractor to death in order to get the contractor’s soul faster. I couldn’t do that because it was a short lifespan.

‘So you have to sign on something other than your soul.’

Lillian shut up for a moment and thought for a moment.

Saleos was not the devil she expected, but his ability was not so bad.

….In fact… It was quite useful, at least for the present Lillian….mana that dominates power and carnal desires.….

Lillian, who arranged her thoughts into her mind, opened her mouth carefully.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t trade my soul or use it as collateral. Because my soul ….does not belong to this world. You can’t give things that don’t belong to you yet and are not cleared. Because one day, my soul might end up going back to my original world.”

—What does that mean? How dare you try to play the fool in front of this Saleos?


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  1. Idk what you think my dudes, but I kinda want this demon to be the ML, lmao. He’s hilarious and scary, yet polite and smart. I like it! 🤭😹😹😹

    In other things, I’m impressed she’s using the “my soul is not from this world” point, because usually I just see it till the end, played in a dramatic way to protect the “heroine” and give her a happy ending. The author is 🔥 👌 😹😹😹

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