YSR – 22

T/N: Thank you for the patience and support. My hand got injured [I got bit by a dog as large as me trying to protect my puppy T_T] and the injury delayed my translations. Please look forward to future releases.

The reality was unbelievable. It felt like I was trapped in a nightmare where the boundary with reality was vague. In the meantime, the rough magic circle was complete, and Lillian dragged Herbert’s body into the middle.

A Magic Circle and the Sacrifice! Thus, the scene of summoning evil was complete.

But Lillian’s expression was perturbed.

‘I think something’s missing.’

Out of habit, Lillian tried to put her hand on her chin and then paused. When she was hit by Herbert’s poker earlier, her arm had been torn. It started to ache with the movement, and blood began to run again.


Only then did Lillian realize what was missing.

She quickly stood in the middle of the magic circle and sprayed her blood from her arms on the magic circle.

The summoner’s blood mixed in the Magic Circle played a role in protecting her from demons. She had almost forgotten this vital part.

At the moment, her blood was mixed with the summoning circle that was painted with dark red blood –it started to give off a dazzling glow.

‘Did it work? Did I do it right?’

Lillian hurriedly stepped back out of the Magic Circle. It was not long before the floor split, and something crawled out of the dark red crevice. It was a grotesque appearance like a scene in a horror movie.

But what appeared was not the surprisingly amazingly beautiful man.

‘….What the hell.’

—Kyyyaaa!! [cry sfx]

A bizarre resonance shook the air and vibrated in her bones.

Lillian looked into the two bright red eyes staring at her from inside the magic circle. What was trapped in it was a very terrifying demon.

At first glance, it seemed like a strong, muscular man. But it’s height seemed to be well over three meters, and the skin glowed like dark red lava.

The sharp hands and feet, like the claws of an animal, and the large horns on its head, gave rise to its terrifying majesty.

To make matters worse, the dark wings of the torn bat, running behind its back, fluttered.

Lillian, who was still observing the devil with trembling eyes, soon realized:

‘It’s not the same one.’

There was a deep sense of dismay on Lillian’s face.

The demon described in the original work of “The Princess Aleyna” was not in this form. His name was Ifos.

Ifos was described as a handsome man with bright blond hair and beautiful red eyes like an angel.

He was devilish but weak to beauty, so he fell in love with Aleyna’s face.

Lillian personally didn’t like Ifos very much. It was because I felt the dynamic between the two was a story out of an 8th grade journal.

Ifos saved Aleyna, who was in a crisis several times, so he was even more annoying. But that didn’t mean I wanted to see him like this—if indeed this was him?


As soon as Lillian’s eyes touched the demon’s eyes, he roared loudly.

“Oh, my God.”

It seemed as if he wanted to snatch her up and rip her with that dreadful claw. When Lillian saw Herbert’s body being trampled around at his feet, she prayed quietly:

‘Wouldn’t you eat that for me?’

Then we’d succeed in destroying the body anyway.

She had summoned the devil to dispose of Herbert in the first place.

But the demon seemed to have little interest in Herbert’s body; instead, it was a cumbersome foothold.

Lillian had a headache. Why didn’t she anticipate the possibility of another demon being summoned other than Ifos?

Unless she’s the heroine Aleyna, the demon she summoned was unlikely to be Ifos.

Nothing ever worked out the way it was supposed to.

Lillian, who flopped into place, sighed and looked up at the devil in front of her.

As much as it was the summoner’s position anyway, I had to do something about that demon. So Lillian opened her mouth without much expectation.

“Excuse me.”


“By any chance, do you know how to speak to a human?”

—Kee-chak! Kya-ha-ah!

Lillian politely asked the first question for now. Like asking a foreign tourist, ‘Can you speak Korean?’

But instead of answering, the devil in the Magic Circle glared at her with blood-red eyes. The dreaded fangs flashed through the red mouth. After seeing this, Lillian sighed and touched her forehead.

“You can’t.”

What kind of deal can you make with a demon who can’t even speak?

What a ludicrous situation indeed.

This is why unplanned killings should not be done.

‘I even called the devil to clean up the mess, but I can’t use it because we can’t understand each other!’

It was the moment when frustrated Lillian was about to wrap her head with both hands and fall into agony. I could hear a growing laugh from somewhere.


Huh? At the unexpected sound, Lillian raised her head and looked around.

But there were only two of them here, herself and the devil. Lillian, who was wondering, was about to wrinkle her nose and frown—when amazingly, the monster in the Magic Circle suddenly grabbed his belly and started laughing.

—-Whoo, hahaha! Oh, my stomach!

…… What’s this situation?

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