YSR – 21

Now I have perspective.

Getting kicked out of the knighthood isn’t the problem. Being hung for murder is an actual problem.

‘I can’t let that happen to me.’

Lillian swallowed her saliva in a sense of crisis.

‘It’s all right, there’s no witnesses for now. No one will know if you take care of it well.’

Baron Rossetti was poor; therefore, there were few employees, and even those few employees usually lived in the village and commuted to and from work.

So only Sam was around at this time, but Sam was also knocked out, so she wasn’t a witness to Lillian’s crime.

Lillian reached out in a hurry and grabbed Herbert’s leg. She was going to drag him out of the mansion and bury him in the grass. But suddenly, she seemed startled, and Lillian, who had grabbed his leg and shook off her hand.

Fearful tears fell from her eyes.

“No, I can’t!”

The feeling of touching a corpse, and the sensation of fading warmth from recent death was horrendous.

It was a feeling similar to touching a chunk of meat hung to drain blood at a butcher’s shop.

With an unpleasant squash, blood poured out like juice.

The warmth left on the body was even more horrifying and creepy.

Lillian had no confidence to touch the corpse again.

Even if she did have the confidence, Lillian started to count up the many problems that would arise.

Herbert, who had been addicted to alcohol all his life, was quite fat.

Dragging his body down to the first floor, burying him in the backyard would be an arduous task. Carrying him while all this blood was flowing out would make a mess of the whole house.

Cleaning it by morning would be an impossible task, especially when there are no lights and only candles could light up the night.

Lillian stared blankly at the body, shedding tears. If someone could miraculously dispose of this body, she would do anything.

At this time, a scene of “Princess Aleyna” suddenly popped into her head.

‘Yes, that’s right! There’s a way……’

Aleyna, the main character, was favored by the male lead for her gorgeous beauty. And as romance fantasy novels usually do, she was kidnapped by someone.

Here, Lillian, her escort, tried to protect Aleyna and was killed in the hands of an angry male lead.

‘What was the next scene?’ Lillian desperately searched her memory.

The kidnapped Aleyna was sold to the slave market and was purchased by a cult worshipping the devil. They intended to use Aleyna as a top-grade offering to summon the demon.

The devil liked beautiful virgins, and cruel slaughters.

‘At that time, Aleyna witnessed the scene to summon the devil. Perhaps the order ····.’

Aleyna signed a deal with the devil on the spot—a typical heroine buff—and the summoned demon slaughtered everyone but spared and protected Aleyna.

Not only that, he even made a deal with Aleyna. All she had to do was stare at the devil in tears with that pretty face.

Lillian registered the date; there was still time before Aleyna arrived here, in the Legonian Kingdom, so she could make a deal with the demon instead.

There was already a corpse needed for summoning, and there was no harm in trying. Judging from Aleyna’s case If only the price could be paid, the devil was a pretty good deal.

“Okay. The situation has already reached this point…. Let’s do this!”

Lillian bit her lips.

How could things get worse?

In addition to murdering someone, she had fencing classes with Enrique.

At this rate, she was bound to be caught in her partial amnesia lie.

‘No matter how much you forget, if your body is too much of a beginner, they will get suspicious. Well, in this situation, you are going to face trial even before you even get trained.’

I had no choice but to gamble on the devil instead of God. God has never been on my side anyway.

Lillian clenched her teeth and dipped her shoes into Herbert’s blood. Then she began to use his blood to paint a star and a summoning circle on the floor.

While drawing a rugged-shaped magic circle, a bitter smile came to her mind.

‘Oh my God, how terrible!’

Until last week, she was an ordinary Korean wannabe actress, and now she was drawing a magic circle with the blood of the man she just murdered, hoping to summon the demon now.


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  1. I like that our mc is strong willed ambitious and not a damsel in distress type but i have a bad feeling for her since she started to show signs of hatred and susceptibiliy of manipulating others. She may has potential to be a villain protagonist type in this novel. I just hope she wont end up in vain and get messy retributions at ending

  2. This is taking a dark turn lol I’m kinda worried. I hope the devil is an incubus so we can go back to the smut

  3. Hahaha, WOW…. tbh I didn’t see that coming lmao. Well, she’s kinda right, even if she sets up a scene to make it seem like an accident, she’d definitely would bring unwanted attention for her.

    She not just lost part of her memory, but her scum of a father also died the day after he met Enrique. It doesn’t matter how innocent she might look, it’s weird.

    I didn’t see the demon thing coming, I thought it was just a way of expressing how she was going to work for the things she wanted. Anyway, I’m excited, I can’t lie!

    Honestly I don’t care if she doesn’t become a “good” character, by this I mean that our MC doesn’t have to follow the typical rule of “once I become rich I turn into a kind and ‘good'” type. I don’t want her to be a monster since she doesn’t have justification for that either, but being realistic and doing your best to survive, while trying to do your best is enough for me.

    She can’t be a Saintess under this circumstances. No one cares for her and no one is really willing to give her anything.

    1. We don’t now the laws in that world, and imagine, you killed your father before you meet a man in his house, than sound estrange

  4. “Getting kicked out of the knighthood isn’t the problem. Being hung for murder is an actual problem” omg. lol what a great line.

  5. this is so hilarius. i love that the obvious thing for her to cover up mURDER was suMMON A DEMON ALJDLASKDJKLASDJALKDJJ so funny
    and also the fact that, while dealing with 1 murder 2 summoning a demon, her third concern is 3 fencing classes with enrique KADSLKASJDLASJ this is so funny

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