YSR – 20

Before he swung the poker again, Lillian rushed in and grabbed the end. Then she started a power struggle with her father. 

Herbert grabbed and pulled on one end, and Lillian held on. 

He made a big face and shouted. “You, you?! You dare— Aren’t you letting go?” 

“Stop it! Stop it!”

Even Lillian, who had reached her emotional limit, shouted at him. She’d had enough. 

Lillian’s life is as bad as Chae Soo-yeon’s, and the problems kept coming at her.

Literally, my head was about to go crazy. I was fed up with everything and just wanted to smash it all into pieces. 

“Let go! Let go! Oh, shit!” 

Herbert swore and tried to pull the poker out from her hands.

The plan was to kick Lillian so the poker would fall out of her hands but instead, when he kicked her, she was so strong that she didn’t move, and he ended up letting go of the poker and falling back by himself.

“Oh oh!!” 

The place where Herbert had fallen was inside the fireplace. 

The blazing flames quickly caught on to his hair and shirt. In an instant, Herbert was suffering from extensive burns to his face and ears. He sprang to his feet, struggling, and ran to put out the fire that spread all over his body. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Fire! Fire!” 

Lillian was so surprised that she looked at Herbert stunned while clutching the poker. 

Frantically rubbing his back against the wall and running around, his skin was already melting, peeling, and burning.  

The great pain of burns was as if the skin had been stung by countless bees millions of times. Out of his mind, Herbert rushed towards Lillian.

I didn’t know if he wanted me to help get the fire off of him or he was trying to attack me in Lillian’s body. 

But I was in a terrifying situation–a man embroiled with flames all over his body was rushing at me. 

It was evident that if Herbert touched something, another fire would spread. 

“Argh! Don’t come!” 

Lillian, unwittingly, swung a poker at Herbert, who rushed at her. It happened so quickly. She wasn’t yet used to Lillian’s strength, so she didn’t even know how swinging the iron poker would be like striking someone with a boulder. 

Her poker, swinging with a tremendous strength, hit Herbert’s head. 

Boom! Crack! Thump! Splat! 

A sickening sound rang out in the air. It was as if a watermelon was breaking, and an old earthenware jar was splitting. 

But the reality was that these were the sounds of Herbert’s decayed skull being smashed and breaking apart. 

A warm liquid splashed on Lillian’s face. It was Herbert’s blood. 

With a rattling sound, Herbert’s body convulsed. 

His limbs were burnt and resembled a squid and soon drooped—lifeless. 

There was no doubt that he died instantly. The last gasping sound rang from his mouth, where he had a blood bubble.


Lillian’s hands lost strength in her hands and dropped the poker.

Her face turned pale.

Lillian was trembling uncontrollably, wiping the blood off her face with shaking hands. 

‘I-I can’t believe you killed a person ······!!’ 

Of course, I didn’t want to die as a supporting character. 

I still wanted to push away the main characters and stand up for myself by stealing their spotlight, but that never included killing! Even if it qㅁ an abusive father who got in my way. 

Chae Soo-Yeon, who lived in South Korea, was never a murderer, although she was selfish. 

Lillian was shocked, utterly confused, and dazed. She really couldn’t figure out what was going on with her; it seemed like she was floating outside her body, watching her physical self stare at her bloodstained hands and looking alternately at Herbert’s body. 


A groan came out of Sam’s mouth, who had fainted, stayed knocked out, and missed all the chaos. 

The moment she saw Sam’s silly face with her mouth agape, Lillian came to her senses. 

‘Yes, this is not the time to lose your wits!’ 

She hurried out of the room with Sam in her arms and laid her down in a random room.

It was fortunate that Lillian had a trained knight’s strength, Sam wasn’t light, but Lillian managed. 

Returning to the room with shivering steps, Lillian looked at the floor, trying to avert her gaze. 

From the corner of her eye, she saw the man’s half-burned body with a broken head on the floor, making a horrendous skeleton. 

The smell of burning flesh in the room was suffocating. 

Lillian quickly opened the window and put her head in the cold air outside. 

‘What are we going to do with the body?’

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    1. I kind of did, but with a fall through the window, not crash and burn (see Savage Garden band for reference)

  1. Epic chapter, I trembled a bit, the explicit of the scene was on point and it was shocking. I don’t feel a bit of empathy towards the scum, he deserved all that and I’ glad he died, but yeah, it gave me chills anyway.

    Lillian should just fire the room, she already has some burnts so she just has to say that her father tried to burn her alive but since he was drunk, he eneded dying himself, while she ran away off her bedroom.

    1. But what if they have autopsy (which I doubt) the cause of death while be head force trauma. That’s such a bad situation for her, it would be ruled as self defense in our period but wouldn’t she receive the death plenty in the olden ages?

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