YSR – 2

Don’t try to stand out because you’re a sidekick, a supporting role.

Help the main character stand out.

That’s the role of an assisting part, right?

It was an ethos she heard the most in her life. It was also a damn boring mantra to live by.

I want to be the main character too. I want to stand out. Why do you get to decide my role?

You want me to live as a bridesmaid in the background, forever?

Follow behind the protagonists, and be satisfied with the life they give me? 

Don’t be ridiculous. She thought maliciously. If someone says ‘supporting’ in front of her one more time, she will tear their mouth apart.

But the forbidden word just flowed directly out of the mouth with a gloomy nuance.

“Again, another supporting role.”

Lillian looked at the mirror, grinding her teeth, and groaned. 

Now I am sick of a reality that cannot be denied. 

Then Sam, the maid who was organizing the bedding from the back, looked up. She asked with a confused face, blinking her eyes

“Have you called me, lady?”

“….No. Work.”

Lillian replied shortly without looking back. Right now, she was desperately trying to curb her rising rage.

Just the premise of possessing a character in a book by some happenstance was ridiculous. But she didn’t even get the leading role!

I was so indignant; I was tempted to scream somewhere.

I recently realized that this is the world in a novel called “The Princess Aleyna.”

As the title suggests, the main character of the novel was, of course, Aleyna. 

Because of this, she had initially looked forward to it.

‘Would I… Was I Aleyna?’

What Aleyna? According to the original work, she was a beautiful woman with bright platinum hair with shiny amethyst eyes. 

Whoever saw her couldn’t help but know she was the main character. 

In fact, because of her beauty, she became famous and was sold to this place, a faraway country, the Legonian Kingdom.

On the other hand, myself? Lilian gazed at her visage in the mirror with an analytical face. 

White skin, pitch-black hair, and blood-red lips. 

The appearance of this supporting actress, who she possessed, reminded her of Snow White. 

Pretty innocent, graceful, pretty. To a certain extent. But that was it.

Standing next to Aleyna,  the world’s most beautiful woman, I must have looked like a hag. 

Those who are blinded by Aleyna’s sparkling white hair will not even recognize Lilian’s existence. This was the sad reality of being a minor supporting character.

“And even my death…”

As she looked in the mirror, she muttered, annoyed. The owner of this body Lillian Rossetti was the first supporting actor among supporting actors. Perhaps that’s why the writer didn’t even see the value of keeping Lilian alive. Maybe even typing her name felt like wasted movements.

Thanks to this, she is going to die again in the book. 

“That’s only a year from now.”

“Miss, what are you muttering to yourself now?” 

Sam, who tilted her head, came beside her. When she looked at Lilian’s reflection in the mirror, she smiled broadly.

This maid, who had been with Lillian since childhood, was ignorant of the difficulties that plagued her master.

She smiled so wide that her bright red gums showed.

“My lady, how pretty you are! Why are you crying with such a pretty face? Follow my example, smile, and laugh! Now! Like this!”

“Am I in a situation to laugh? You don’t know anything! Get out of here when you’re done with your work!”

Lillian pushed Sam back. Why is there such a lack of common sense? 

Lillian’s green eyes were full of irritation.

What’s the use of serving Lilian since childhood? You’re so obtuse. 

Sam didn’t even notice Lilian was now a completely different person. 

I am grateful for her dense personality; it made life less complicated. But from time to time, l was so tired because of Sam. 

Watching the maid, she felt sad that he couldn’t trust and explain everything to her adequately.

However, Sam, who did not seem to understand English, did not leave. 

Instead, she blinked and stared at her young lady, who was rough today. 

She clapped her hands as if she belatedly thought of a brilliant idea.

“Oh, you are hungry, aren’t you? Ahh, yes… in the past, you’ve been grumpy when you don’t eat. Just wait a minute, miss. I’ll go down and prepare a meal….” 

“……Ughhhh, read my lips!! Get out!”

Lilian, anger filling her up to her head, burst into tears, and threw her pillow. 

It was true that I was hungry, but my fury was so much more. 

I guess because Lilian was a knight, her body ate very well. Her belly clock was so accurate that I didn’t even need a smartphone.

Sam surprisingly evaded the pillow.

Rather than leaving, she continued to approach Lilian and trapped her in a hug. Lilian was crying in wrathful vexation, while Sam patted her back.

“Oye, why is our pretty lady so upset? Come on; you can tell me, miss. I’m Sam! Sam, your one and only loyal maid!”

Lillian, who was half forced into Sam’s arms, cried even louder in frustration. 

Ugh, it’s so annoying! Nothing goes my way! Her cry filled with venom and resentment echoed throughout the room.

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  1. I like her personality! Most of the time in these scenarios they only want to save themselves and not change the plot but she’s life forget that I’m the new main character!

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