YSR – 16

I remembered seeing something like that in Lillian’s bedroom. In this world, people seemed to erect a statue of a goddess instead of a cross.

Lillian, who was staring at the statue without blinking, smiled. Then she reached out and struck the goddess figure and let it drop it down to the floor as if it were a mistake.

Lillian’s eyes, looking down at the statue that fell on the floor, were unfeeling.

She didn’t believe in God. No matter how earnestly she prayed in her past life, God never answered her. Even though what she wished for was not a success—only an opportunity.

‘That’s too much for me, I guess.’

A bitter smile spread around Lillian’s mouth. If God didn’t answer her prayers, she had no choice.

Instead of God, we’ll just have to hold the devil’s hand. Like Aleyna did.

There was only one character that came to mind. A man capable of solving every situation Lillian was in. But he was a very dangerous man who would demand a price. She wanted him to bring the same heart he had given to Aleyna to her when she tried to do business with him.

‘But I am not even the heroine. Will you even give me a chance?

Lillian sighed.

I wish I had time to think.

But this woman’s misfortune was chasing and threatening her without a gap like a malicious spirit.

Rather than looking far away, Soo-yeon was too busy avoiding the sinkholes in front of her.

That was the life of Lillian—or Chae Ji-yeon.


With a heavy sigh, Lillian closed her eyes, trying to leave her mixed mind behind.

I couldn’t sleep in this situation, and my mind plagued me with worst-case scenarios. But tomorrow, I needed some rest to talk to Enrique.

She managed to fall asleep after tossing and turning for a long time.


“You don’t look well. Was the bed unfamiliar?”

Asked Enrique, facing Lillian over breakfast.

At his words, Lillian smiled and touched her cheek.

“No, thanks to you, I slept well. Thank you for your consideration.”

In fact, I couldn’t sleep well because the discomfort of my mind was ten times worse than the body.

But I couldn’t say that to Enrique.

He was a knight through and through, and he didn’t like people whining about convenience. That’s why he fell in love with Aleyna, who was one that had a habit of pitifully crying alone.

Sure enough, Lillian’s answer was ‘correct’. Enrique’s expression directed at her softened.

At first glance, Lillian seemed to have a lot of worries. Nevertheless, considering the landlord’s position, it was admirable and pitiful to pretend otherwise. Naturally, a soft voice came from his mouth.

“Well, I’ve considered your intention to retire yesterday.”

“……Is that so.”

I think it would be responsible to look sad here, right?

Lillian responded with a lonely smile. Somehow, that smile looked familiar to Enrique.

‘Where have I seen that look?’

Enrique unintentionally narrowed his eyes as he looked through his memories.

That face…. yes.

It was the common expression his deceased sister made when she had to give up on the multitudes of wants and desires because of her health. After giving up everything, she had a smile instead of tears.


Enrique asked incoherently, impulsively, not knowing why Lillian and his sister always seemed to overlap.

“What about your doctor? Do you want to quit the service like this? Give me an honest answer.”

Lillian’s eyes were wide and round to his unexpected query.

Why is he asking this all of a sudden?

This is why the supporting role, which rarely appears in the original work, was unfair. The settings and characters were not detailed, so there was nothing to refer to. But Lillian’s brain went faster than ever. There was little information about herself, but there was quite a lot about Enrique.

Based on this, she was soon able to come up with an Enrique-target answer. “Of course, I don’t want to quit. I swore to devote my life as a Leogonian knight·····. But I can’t stay in the knighthood without remembering how to wield a sword. I’m in a position where I can’t even take care of myself.”

“I see.”

This was dangerous.

I almost forgot the name of the kingdom —‘Legonian.’ A narrow miss.

Lillian, who managed to revive her memory, finished answering and wiped off her cold sweat. A satisfactory smile spread accross Enrique’s face.

“Then, Dame Lillian. I have something to tell you.”

Enrique opened his mouth with a visibly friendly look.

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  1. This was nice, the 1st half was powerful and it makes sense, after all the og owner is not someone with even a faint luck, her destiny is horrible and her conditions were worse.

    I hope she’ll be able to turn everything!

  2. That’s where she messed up at, she prayed for an ‘opportunity’ and not happiness or success. People who only pray when they want something or feel they are deserving of a blessing, don’t know too much about prayer and why it takes so long.

    Traveling to this world as this character was the opportunity. She didn’t ask for guidance or help, so she’s on her own. Be careful what you ask for, you may not get what you want in the end.

    But, her thought process gives further insight to her personality and thought process. It’s interesting!

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