YSR – 13

“Tell me. Was your condition bad? Or did you have any problem beforehand?”

Enrique wasn’t waiting for an answer. Frowning, he asked again and again. It was apparent that he would think it strange if Lillian kept taking her time to answer.

Lillian, in a hurry, opened her mouth.

“I’ll explain everything, ···· Cough cough caaa kik!”

But her bad luck wasn’t go anywhere.

Lillian started to choke. Bending her waist, she coughed violently.

The fruits that I pushed into my mouth because of hunger earlier seemed to have caused a problem.

“Coughcough, hugh, haaa!”

“Are you all right, Dame Lillian? You, ···!!”

Enrique rose up when Lillian’s first started her unusual cough.

He was about to pat her on the back. But at that moment, a red liquid came out of Lillian’s mouth, and the front of her new white chemise was instantly wet with red liquid.

Seeing this, Lillian secretly frowned. ‘Oh, the last fruit I ate was pomegranate….’

What Lillian vomited was not blood but pomegranate juice. But Enrique didn’t know this. He was so surprised that he stiffened in place. Lillian thought it was strange when she saw Enrique’s face turn white.

‘Why is he so surprised? A Knight Commander should have seen his fill of vomit, gore, guts, blood… blood…?’

Lillian’s trail of thoughts suddenly made her think of something.

According to the source material, Enrique’s sister, who died, was a lung disease patient. Therefore, he would have seen coughing and spitting up blood as he did now.

The reason behind Enrique’s shock was because Lillian was overlapping with his dead sister.

Not surprisingly, Enrique hurriedly wiped her ‘blood’ off her mouth with his sleeve.

It was a very kind attitude and intimate gesture towards a subordinate he barely knew. With his unsteady purple eyes, he shakily asked Lillian.

“Are you okay? Do your lungs hurt? Do you hear a strange sound when you breathe?”

Lillian then knew for sure.

It was clear that Enrique was now equating her with his dead sister.

At that moment, a sudden chill, with goosebumps ran up Lillian’s forearm.

‘I think I just realized something.’

Just as the main character has the route of a protagonist.

Even a petty supporting actor like Lillian can have her own trivial route and space.

At this moment, she was convinced that she had finally found her way to survive.

In this body, there was only one advantage she had over Aleyna.

It was knowledge–knowledge of the source material.

She studied the personal history and likes and dislikes of all of the characters that will appear from now on.

If she uses her one windfall and hits the players before Aleyna does….. wouldn’t it be possible to get burned from all the spotlight that will focus on her instead? Couldn’t she turn this humble life into a life of substance?

Look, already, you’ve won Enrique’s favor.

Lillian’s ears were filled with the sound of her thumping heart.

In an instant, the workings of her mind completed the massive puzzle that was this life has posed for her.

Enrique, who had no idea what Lillian was thinking, said anxiously. “Wait a moment here. I’ll go get my family’s doctor now.”

“No, cough! Don’t go. Knight Commander Evans. I think my mouth was torn when I got hit in the head. It’s blood coming out late, so don’t mind it.”

Lillian looked around nervously; if the doctor came, he would know it was pomegranate juice, not blood that stained the dress.

She hurriedly pulled the shawl to cover up the traces of the fruit juice buried on her chest.

When the liquid hardened, it would be evident it wasn’t blood.

“Please sit down and listen to me. Please.”

Lillian bowed her head and begged Enrique. There was no way he could have refused her.

He wanted to go get the doctor right away, but he was forced to sit back down.

Lillian quickly opened her mouth so he wouldn’t change his mind.

“······In fact, there is… an illness.”

Lillian’s face was pale, like a cloud between her rich black hair.

Her green eyes shimmered strangely and held Enrique’s eyes.

Enrique felt as if he was in a trance, unable to take his eyes off of her.

As Enrique looked into her eyes, a tear fell from her beautiful green eyes.


It was a moment of surprise for Enrique.

Lillian, who did not miss her opportunity, bowed her head and sobbed sadly. Shocking words popped out of her mouth.

“I can’t be a knight anymore. I’m sorry, Knight Commander. I’ll come to work tomorrow and hand in my resignation.”


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  1. WOW, this was really well written, c’mon. It doesn’t feel forced, it feels like she’s taking all the opportunities she’s facing just to make a way to survive. She’s really cunning and I like that, not everyone would know how to transform these events on opportunities.

    I felt sad for Enrique’s background tho, I’m sick as well and I’ve felt worried about my family if one day I’m not here, lol.

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