YSR – 12

“No, excuse me.”

Enrique, who had returned with a calm expression, followed her inside.

Lillian, who was athletic and had trained hard, wasn’t short, but he was really tall.

Lillian was barely able to reach his shoulder.

Enrique sat on the sofa in a dignified manner as the lord and beckoned her.

Lillian assumed he meant for her to sit down, so Lillian sat down.

I was so hungry that I couldn’t stand.

Enrique blinked his silver eyelashes and asked her with a cautious look.

“Do you remember what happened before you fell down? You quarreled with two men to protect a girl.”

“…. Yes. I remember, I am ashamed of my lack of skills, and I apologize for causing trouble for Commander Evans.”

Lillian lowered his head, pretending to be humble to buy his sympathy.

Her long black hair rolled down the waterfall, covering her white face.

In fact, Lillian’s neat and innocent face looked even younger. Seeing this, Enrique’s eyes slightly softened.

He was weak against women, especially for a woman in a difficult situation. Maybe because he had a sister who died of illness, sure enough, Enrique’s voice sounded gentler than before.

“It’s all right. Although you are not under my direct command, all the knights under the royal palace are my responsibility. So don’t think you’ve caused any trouble. You did your best for the right reasons. I’m proud to have such a talented person like you within our Knighthood.”

Lillian blushed as if she was moved. And looked at him with shiny, moist green eyes and whispered back.

“Thank you very much, Commander.”

Enrique did not reply but looked away from her eyes.

As if he didn’t know what would happen if he looked straight at Lilian.

Enrique was really a man with no immunity to women.

After seeing this, Lillian laughed secretly.

She shamelessly dug into his weakness, using the source material for help.

She collapsed in front of Enrique and acted weak, drawing his sympathy and reminding him of his late, sick sister.

But surprisingly, there was no guilt. The reason was simple.

‘I’m about to die right now. I can’t afford guilt.’

I couldn’t fence, and I couldn’t make a living. I had no money because my family was poor and weak. Indeed, Lillian Rossetti was nothing more than a dirt spoon, pretending to be a silver spoon.

Before being kicked out of the Knights Templar, she had to figure out a way to live.

I didn’t have enough time to think about it, so I had to do this kind of play.

Suddenly, by recalling her plight, tears welled up in Lillian’s sad eyes.

“Dame, are you crying? Are you still in bad shape?”

Enrique was shaken to see Lillian’s green eyes tear up.

I can’t believe you’re so restless.

Enrique of a stone constitution but was also the type who offered everything at her feet when Aleyna just sniffed a little.

Lillian was inwardly relieved because that would make things easier.

“Yes, I think I got hit a little…. something feels wrong… My head keeps pounding, and I’m unintentionally tearing up, too.”

Lillian mumbled weakly, tucking her fingers between her rich black hair.

Her delicate eyebrows were wrinkled, and the big eyes were filled with tears. Her appearance looked so fragile that it was unthinkable that she would be feigning an illness.

“Oh, no. That’s a big deal.” Enrique frowned, his manly eyebrows coming together in concern, and muttered, “Let’s keep an eye on you and take sick leave if necessary.”

The moment she saw favor in his purple eyes, Lillian’s heart throbbed. Of course, it wasn’t because Enrique was handsome. It was because she was thrilled at the idea she could put off work.

“Let me see. Excuse me for a moment.”

Said Enrique, who rose from his seat and moved her hair very carefully.

Enrique narrowed the middle of his forehead after seeing the reddish marks left near her white temple. Lillian seemed even sadder when he saw the injured place with his eyes.

Lillian, who left her head in her hands, thought to herself.

‘That must have been a sleep mark.’ (T/N: LMAOOOO)

It was. She had a habit of sleeping with her head in one hand. Naturally, temples that had been pressed throughout sleep often had red marks. Thankfully it was the place Enrique inspected.

But, well, a good thing is a good thing.

Lillian decided to keep pretending to be sick.

Fortunately, Lillian’s lily-like appearance looked entirely innocent and fragile –as long as her mouth was shut.

Enrique, who saw her shivering eyelashes, sympathized with her without knowing anything.

‘It must have been a bad hit to the head that shook you.’

But why were you being beaten by the common people who didn’t learn martial arts?

Enrique, who had thought casually, frowned. No matter how poorly trained one was from the 4th Knights.

They had been trained professionally in swordsmanship since childhood and could not have been defeated by commoners. The training of knights was rigorous.

Enrique felt that this situation was strange. And he had the right to ask Lillian. He stared at Lillian with purple eyes and immediately asked the question.

“Well, what happened? I can’t believe you, a knight, lost to a commoner even without a weapon.”

Crap. I’m ruined.

Lillian, who was asked the most worrying question, tore her head apart.

How should I answer here to avoid Enrique’s suspicion?

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  1. Uuhh, this was nice. Enrique was in her palm for a while (and I was thrilled by it), but he showed his brains. I love it! It means that despite being weak for woman, he’s not a plain fool. I can really see the author wrote the characters with several layers and I’m so excited for that! >U<

    Btw, ofc Lillian can't get things her way, right? 😹😹😹

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