YSR – 11

When Lillian opened her eyes, she found herself in a luxurious bedroom.

Lillian sat up and looked around the room.

This was probably the guest room of Enrique’s house, Marquis Evans’ mansion. Lillian, who looked around the bedroom full of gold and velvet, her brain shorted for a moment.

“You live well.”

Even though they both may have been nobles, the difference between Baron Rossetti’s simple bedroom to this guest room was too vast.

Lillian pushed aside the blanket and came out of the bed.

The touch of chiffon was unfamiliar to me, and I looked down with surprised eyes. I was wearing a long chemise, please read this on that1villainess.com and my black hair had been tied in a haphazard manner–but was also loosened by a gentle comb.

Perhaps the employees of the Marquis of Evans had provided me the service.

The smell of the subtle perfume from my long hair was pleasant.

‘What’s different about the Marquis’ employees?’

Lillian clicked her tongue when she recalled Sam’s easy-going face at home.

The difference was as vast as the space between heaven and earth.

Well, to be fair, the gap between Lillian’s family and Enrique’s family was probably just as vast.

She flopped down on the sofa, brooding over the bitter reality.

Then a sweet and sour smell stimulated her nose.

When I raised my head, the table in front of the sofa was full of fruit.


After starving all day, Lillian was moved.

It looks like it was left for me to eat.

Without having to worry, she began to cram the fruit into her mouth with greed. Although it wasn’t as good as meat, the fresh juice in my mouth was sweet.

At this time, someone knocked on the door. Lillian, who swallowed pomegranate in her mouth, hurriedly cleared her voice and asked.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Dame Lillian. May I come in?”

The voice heard over the well-crafted door was familiar. It was Enrique. There was no reason to refuse his visit—Especially since I threw myself to get a chance to talk with him more.

“Come in, Knight Commander Evans.”

Lillian rose from the couch to greet him without much thought. Even with permission, he hesitated to come in, and then he saw Lillian’s long loose hair and in a chemise.

Seeing this, his face suddenly turned red.

“You, that…. excuse me.”

“Yes?” asked Lillian, who did not know what he was talking about, with her eyes wide open.

Enrique then hurried out of the door and added.

“I’ll be dressed……..Uh…No. I’ll leave. Um. Call me back when you’re done with your clothes.”

As if to represent Enrique’s extreme embarrassment, the door was slammed with a bang.

Lillian, left alone in the room mystified, gazed down at herself.

By Korean standards, she was now wearing a long pajama dress. She was also covered from her fingertips to her toes. But is this inappropriate to have on in front of a man?

‘Maybe…… it’s because it’s pajamas?’

What a strange world.

Lillian thought of a lady’s attire she had seen earlier in the downtown area, on the main street.

The woman had been wearing a dress that was deep enough to show her full breast.

Those sexy clothes are fine, but a chemise covering her neck isn’t allowed because they are pj’s?

Anyway, this was not Korea. There was no use in insisting on common sense.

While looking around the room, Lillian found an indoor gown and shawl and wrapped around her.

This would be okay, right?

Lillian, who opened the door under the guise of a shy face, invited him in again.

“Excuse me. Come in.”


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  1. She’s right tho… It’s like that weird thing in Korea where you can’t wear a shirt that shows cleavage but you can wear shorts that show half your butt.


    1. Oh no, my comment got cut off…>_< I just wanted to add that I love your translations so much! You make it so easy to read and super enjoyable, thank you!!

      1. aww that’s very very sweet of you. thank you for reading, enjoying and commenting! ^^

  3. This is such an interesting transmigration story. Thank you and great job on the translations. Your works are always enjoyable to read 🙂

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